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Would The Youths Rule Nigeria Better If They Were Given The Opportunity ?




Nigeria has had many leaders, mostly from the old men association.


From the time Nigeria gained her independence, through to the period of dictatorship and back to a Democratic government, we have had old leaders. In fact, it is the leadership that has brought the citizens of Nigeria to the conclusion that our old leaders are the cause of our generational problems and that power must change hand.

What do you think?

Our country has seen a lot of bad governance, ranging from massive embezzlement to nonchalance on the part of the government to the welfare of the citizens. Nigeria has also seen war, due to the tribalism in leadership, with the Igbos demanding for their own country, since they were not really allowed into the government of the country which led to the Biafra war. A war that took a couple of years and led to the death of thousands of lives. After the war, the Igbos did not get the country they agitated for, so, they went back to learning to live together with other tribes in one country, no matter the difference.

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Now, after going back and forth and crossing the same bridge for sixty years, the Nigerian youths are agitating for an opportunity to lead Nigeria.

The reaction of the government to the killings of innocent #ENDSARS protesters at the Lekki-Toll gate while they were holding the Nigerian flag and singing the national anthem has sealed the belief of the youths that the old men claiming to lead Nigeria do not have the interest of the youths on their agenda. Since the evil incidents in our country, perpetrated by the ones we put in power would continue to be swept under the carpet, we have decided that it is time to speak with one voice. It was time for the youths to rake over and push Nigeria forward.

This led to the creation and nationwide approval of the Youth Democratic Party (YDP) which has had thousands of informal approved signatures from the youths.

Are we certain that we would do better than the old men?


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At this point, I don’t think we think we know where to stand because in the 2019 peaceful elections, we elected some young people to represent us in the Nigeria political system, to represent us in the House of Assembly and to make sure the interest and development of the youths were always on the agenda. We elected young men like Desmond Elliott who have failed the Nigerian youths woefully, bowing to the political godfathers of the Nigerian government.

This shows that a youth can still fail us when they are placed a leading position. So, we are back to square one. The question is, who can we trust to do a good job with the mantle of leadership?

My take:
This is a period where people are tired and are agitating for change, so, we need someone that is passionate about the youths. Yes, we want a leader from the Nigerian youths, but, we need a leader with a difference. We need someone that would try every legal means and every legal alternative to put Nigeria on the map. Someone with reduced personal interest who is all for the development of the Nigerian youths. Someone who is brave enough and wouldn’t bow to our political godfathers to satisfy their selfish interest. Someone who is concerned with the welfare of the Nigerian citizens.

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Probably, someone that is already successful. Someone with a leadership criteria and someone that has passed all the possible screenings to take on the mantle. We need to grow, we need proper utilization of our resources, we need good schools and universities, we need good roads, we need a steady power supply and we need a reduced rate of unemployment.

We need a new Nigeria, a country that can secure our future generation. That’s why we need to start building now.

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