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Who Will Be Taking Over Buhari In The Next Coming Election On February 2023 ?




Qestions about who will succeed Buhari have filled the internet this past few days.


There are many speculations online that the baton of power will be passed to the former governor and APC chairman, Bola Tinubu. Others included are Governor Ahmad El-Rufai of Kaduna, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, and a host of others have been given support to take the leadership baton when Buhari presidency ends in 2023.

In recent developments Governor Mai Mala Buni had said “APC has not yet decided where it will zone its presidency by 2023.” The race for the next president of Nigeria is about to get heated as numerous reports has it that Nigerian youths are organizing their own political party to contest against the biggest political parties in Nigeria.

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As at the filling of this report it is reported they now have over 350,000 members in support of the movement. Nigeria youths are now coming out to decide the affairs of their country.

Nigerian youths come 2023 will want to take over the sit of power by force. The question on the minds of many is if the big giants in Nigeria politics will give them a chance to rule. This and many more are questions that are left unanswered. The youth in recent months are now calling for supports to take over the mantle of leadership.

Many others have speculated that if the youths are not allowed to rule come 2023 there would be massive protest around the country which could as well degenerate to massive looting and destruction of properties. We don’t want a repetition of this violent behavior else government need to know what they are doing and how to they plan on allocating positions and offices come 2023.

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Is the next successor coming from the south or West?


The question of where the next president will come from is rhetorical. There are so many parties involved in deciding where the next president will come from. It is not something that is decided by a single person. Business tycoons, traditional leaders, political gladiators and many others are involved in deciding where the next president will come from. Looking at it objectively, this is one of the biggest problem Nigeria is currently facing. There should be a rotation between all regions in the country so that others won’t feel neglected in deciding their next president.

Furthermore, wherever the president may come from. The youths should be allowed to hold office too. They should be given position such as cabinets ministers, permanent secretary, directors of government corporation etc. By doing all that they won’t feel neglected and segregated. They would feel happy to decide on matters that affect their country. Also, there won’t be another protest or destruction of properties.

Government need to learn from her pasts mistakes to avoid repetition. This mistakes could have an adverse effects on her citizens. It is time governments officials remodel their thinking by allowing new set of people take over key positions. Let the old and those who have served the nation for years resign dutifully. We need need fresh brains and new thinking to take Nigeria to a greater height.

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Finally, wherever the next president may come from, the youths should also be considered for key political positions. The zoning of political posts should be free and fair. The minorities among us should also be allocated positions so that they won’t revolt or make the country ungovernable for those elected. Aside, every parties involve in the political process must be taken along and information should be made publicly. When all these are done successfully, it is going to be a win-win situation for everybody.

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