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What Nigerians Must Do To Restore Normalcy To The Country




For the past few months, Nigeria has been greeted with numerous setbacks and problems.



They Include but not limited to police brutality academic breakdow

Police Brutality

The chaos have risen to it peak that both the federal and state government could not manage the situation in their domain. The one that broke the camel back was the incessant shooting and killing of protesters by the nigerian military.

This act did not go down well with the youths who were hell bent on turning the country upside down by looting public spaces.


Furthermore, the passive response by states government in the country also made the situation unmanageable. They should have acted immediately by consulting with the youths and making compromises. But nothing was done, which in turn led to mass destruction of properties.

Also, State governments which are nearer to the people were supposed to act as the voice of the people by carrying matters arising in their state to the federal government. But the opposite is the case here. They are now a like 5 and 6 with the federal government, thereby neglecting the needs and problems of the people.

In addition, what do we have to say about the local government? Are they worse of all? If you ask the average nigerian this question is answer to those questions will be nothing than ‘yes’. But who made them useless? If you look at it deeply you will find out that both the federal and state government made this body useless by refusing to allocate funds meant for their constituency. When the local government are not in control of resources, how do they intend to cater and meet the needs of their constituency.

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So as you can see, the problem lies at the top and can only be solved by those at the top.


To sum it up, the best solution the country need now is for the federal government to allow students of both secondary and tertiary institution to resume their academic activities.


ASUU demands need to be met as quickly as possible. If you look at most of the hoodlums and looters ravaging the country. You will find out that most of them are students in the higher institution. They are not only in opposition of police brutality but as well – the inability to continue their academics. So those at the helm of affairs of this country need to do something as quickly as possible.

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Finally, government need to give them a playing ground to voice their opinions without the use of force or military. Only by doing that will peace and unity abound in the country. You can’t settle violence with violence. There is a need for mutual understanding and compromise. So both parties including the youth, ASUU and federal government need to sit down and settle their grievance’s. There is no gain in violence and looting. All parties need to sit down and list out their grievance’s.

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There is also a need to restructure the country as soon as the country returns to normalcy. The police force most especially need this reform as they are the reason for the mass destruction of properties around the country. Government need to listen to the people and make the necessary amendment to this body else they risk starting another war in the country.

In addition, the voice of the people should be taken highly as they are drivers of government finances through the tax and fees they pay. Also, before any policy that affect the people is passed in both the national and state assembly, youths leaders need to be consulted. By doing all these we can then see a great and peaceful nigeria.

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