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We have experienced and heard of failed relationships simply because both parties couldn’t make things work.


On this article, we are going to focus on the woman in a relationship. How do you keep your woman? How do you make her love and respect you? You can check out the article on the man in a relationship

A woman’s self image is eighty percent dependent on her partner’s approval. There’s a different level of confidence displayed by a woman whose partner commends her most of the time. Whatever you say to your woman immediately dominates her subconscious and leaves a lasting effect.

Women are very sensitive. They pick on every demeanour, every word and every action. They read deep meaning and go ahead to conclude on their findings. This is why most relationships don’t work. At this point, both parties feel disconnected. There are ways you can keep your woman and make your relationship work.


– Openness

A woman is naturally expressive. Trust me, she wants to carry the burden with you. She wants to help out too. She wants to talk about stuffs to you (both serious and serious issues). Men are compartmentalized, that us, they can only talk about things they want to talk about.

They share what they want to share with a specific person and bottle in the rest. They fund it hard to jeep unnecessary conversations going. They also like to think they can solve every problem on their own. They also believe their partner doesn’t have to know everything. Talk to your woman sometimes, make out time for her.

– Understanding

This is the biggest investment in a relationship. Once understanding is attained between both parties in a relationship, every other issue is half solved. Don’t ever try to fix your woman, trust her to handle certain things on her own. The fact she likes talking about things doesn’t mean she wants you to fix her or fix things. Sometimes, your woman just wants you to listen to what she has to say and be there for her. Understand your woman’s demeanour.

– Closeness

This is more than sexual intimacy in a relationship. As much as sexual intimacy is much needed in a relationship, it is not enough to keep a relationship going. It includes spiritual and emotional closeness. Here, face to face time is heart to heart time. She wants you to connect with her while she watches your facial expression and demeanour. She wants to know how comfortable you are with her and she wants to blend with your emotions.

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To clear your conscience and give your woman every reason to stay with you, let her know that you treasure her and you don’t just love her becuase of her physical attraction or shape. Let her know how much you value and want to hear her opinions. Make her part of the decision making in your relationship. Be moderate in everything you do. Show her how important she is to things that concerns you and let her know that you would be there for her no matter what. If you love her, make her stay.

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