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In our world today, women are most times portrayed as the victims when it comes to dealings with men.


This is why in every failed relationship, people are quicker to judge the man immediately after hearing the woman’s side of the story. Well, men are humans too. They hurt the way women hurt too, they go through emotional breakdown and they are cheated on too. Don’t miss the follow up article on a woman in relationship

People fail to understand that not all failed relationships are as a result of the man’s problems. Some women give problems too. In some relationships, men that love their partners deeply are the victims because they are taken for granted. How about doing what would make your man happy? You know, your man needs your support too. He needs to know you would hold his hands and stand by him. Nowadays, most relationships are all starting with physical attraction or money (the women are just there to gold dig), immediately the storm wrecks the ship, they run to another person that would finance their wants.

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You don’t treat your man anyhow because of money. Yes, money is very important in a relationship, but, it shouldn’t define your relationship. Remember, your man has feelings too. He is bound to be heartbroken when his love is not reciprocated.

Let’s look at ways to keep your man in a relationship.


A lot of men are still soliciting for this virtue because they fear their women would leave them when they do not get what they want. Like I said earlier, most women go into relationships relationships to satisfy their needs and wants. They are not ready to be committed to those particular men. If a woman finds a higher bidder, she leaves you for the other man. She is only keeping up with that relationship because you are the one sponsoring her college tuition. She is only keeping up with the relationship because you are taking care of her younger siblings.

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After she has graduated from college, she dumps you because she has found someone better, after she is able to get a good job through your connections, she’s done with the relationship, as you are not her standard anymore. A man also needs a committed woman.


This is very important to a man in a relationship. From the time of creation, a man has always been the head, so, they naturally like to be in control. Sometimes, they want you to respect their decisions. A man prefers to go clubbing in the company of his friends rather than come home to a nagging woman. A man does not like a controlling or bossy woman.

This is the reason why most men find it difficult to live with women that are breadwinners. “I have come across to my husband as too strong, controlling, demanding and critical,” she complained. “He terms it as negative confrontation.” They don’t want you comparing them to other men neither do they want you telling them what to do. You need to give your man his respect as the natural head in a relationship.
Having known all these things, we should put them in practice, keeping in mind that for a relationship to work, both parties have to put their hands on deck.

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Differences should be shoved to the sides and principles should be bent, compromising the ones that might be toxic to the relationship and tolerating the ones that are too negative. For a relationship to work, both parties have to deal fairly with one another.

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