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Five (5) Ways To Control Your Spending Habits (2020)




Learning to control your spending can be very difficult to some people. But with the right practice you can learn the act of saving and investment.


Recently many business and financial organizations in Nigeria and abroad have had to cut down their expenses and workforce, due to the inability to maintain employee wages and salaries. As an employee in the workforce it is very important you start saving from the onset you start your new job to secure your future. The need to master the art of saving has become imperative and important to survive in this harsh economy.

Furthermore, the first rule in mastering the act of saving is by Knowing Thy Self. This is where the popular sayings, different strokes for different folks, comes to play. For instance, an individual who earns about ₦30,000 would have to spent less than the one who makes over ₦300,000, yet they may have identical goals, but success is more specious than the other. In other to correctly manage your finances, your daily or monthly budgets must be fitted to suit your earnings.

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For instance, you maybe expecting a business partner, a guest or an old friend; there are several ways you can ease stress, which does not in any way include putting out your credit card details on the blanks of popular online store. Such things like reading your favourite book, listening to cool jam, watching popular television shows, etc will do magic and does not require your credit card details nor translate into debts. It is important you know this to know peace.


Thinking about friends, if you are hanging out with a group of high earners and your finances barely gets you through each blessed day, but the influence to meet up with their standard is as real as anything else. You need to findnd a new company as soon as possible that is between their expectations and your spending power because you will be unable to maintain yourself if your account goes bankrupt.

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Track Your Spending

This is another vital and important tip. You must always keep track of your daily and monthly expenses to monitor your prudence savings level. This exercise is imperative as it helps you make better life choices over time, and reveals the unnecessary and wasteful expenses incurred from spending on luxury and frivolities and helps you cut them out in future.
Avoid The Influence To Embark on A Spending Spree

At times, most of our plans work out just fine, and our income multiplies x2 ; there is usually the urge and feeling to allow ourselves some of the pleasures we had missed. I will say clearly,that you Don’t need to oblige to that inner voice. Money, when you have too much of it, it is never too much to be invested. Do your research and seek out for successful business owners out there; the more you invest the more you yield bountifully. while on the other hand, when you waste money it is like hard work blown into the lion’s den. So start saving and investing in your future.

Be Traditional (Stick to Cash only)

While you may be forced to carry money in credit or debit cards because of it often results in overspending, which is not good for your account health. For instance, When shopping or paying for goods or services rendered, be traditional by sticking to cash. Also, while spending and counting cash might be very stressful, compared to the many other modern options available, it’s financially wise, as it helps your brain to monitor your daily and monthly spendinga..

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