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Five (5) Popular Ways To Make A Living Online with your smartphone (2020)




While there are many ways you can make money online, I will be putting you through on the popular ways you can start making money online immediately.

You really need to known ahead that making money online is not a get rich scheme. You have to be ready to work your ass up and put your onion’s together,  this guild will likweise help you. Without wasting much time, let dive in straight and learn how we can start making money with our smartphone, you check out other post on make money online. 



Number one on our list is freelancing . As a freelancer you set your working hours, rates and how you want to work. You don’t need an office to get started as you can turn your home to a mini office. To delve into the world of freelancing, you need to have a skill. Such skills include but not limited to graphics design, programming, social media manager etc. There are a lot of skills out there you can offer and get paid for them.



If you are good knitting words together then you should consider blogging. You don’t need a bachelor or master degree to get started. In fact it is the easiest and most simplest of the ways you can start making money online. But still, blogging is not a bed of roses as portrayed by other bloggers. There are so many things involve you need to know and learn if you want to survive in the blogosphere (pun intended).

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Affliate marketing


Yes! this is another popular and easy way to make money online. As an affliate marketer you sell people’s product and earn commission for every sale you sealed.

To carry out affliate marketing successfully you will need a good website to get started. That is where you will write your sales copy and send your leads to. But affliate marketing just like blogging, also has a lot of things you need to consider before starting out. Things like product, audience, demographic and the likes.

But if you are really serious about making money online you will head on to Google and learn more on how you can get yourself started.

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Online Course


Are you good in baking cake? Are you an expert in interior design? Do you know how to develop mobile apps? Do you have any sellable skills? If you answer yes to any of this then you are on your way to making money online.

As an online course creator, you will develop a curriculum and an outline on what you intend to teach and impact on your students. You don’t even need to be an expert, you only need to be a to solve the curiosity and problem of your student. I know you will be asking “where will I publish or display my course?” This brings us to the popular and biggest video platform “YouTube”. Yes you heard me right! As a YouTuber you will make a video of your course and put it on display for all to watch it. As more people watch your video on YouTube, the more you earn money. They will pay you for watch time.

Ebook Creator


Yes! As an ebook creator you make money writing and selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle. They will pay you over 70% royalty for every sale your book generated and also on the number of reads your book get.

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All types of books are accepted, whether fiction, religion or personal development. They are all accepted in the platform or else you go against their rules. And take note, they don’t accept books based on porn, as they will outrightly reject it. So make sure your book sound interesting to capture your intented audience.

Yes! This is where I will drop my pen. And I implore you make more research about them to learn more and see how it is been done. Also, it should be noted that I will be expanding on them in my next blog post. So make sure you bookmark or save this page and website. Till then, cheers!

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