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Three (3) Major Effects And Consequences Of Looting Public Facilities And Resources




Many Nigerians most especially the youth have taken to looting of public facilities and resources.


Not only did they loot public spaces but they also caused a lot of damages and destroyed expensive properties. Also, both federal and state governments officials have been greeted with a lot of aggressive response and threats which have hindered the smooth running of the State.

In addition, both economy experts and staticians have predicted economy regression and collapse in the coming months if due measures and actions are not taking to curb this nemesis. Nigeria which in the past years have been trying to fight inflation may see itself in deep shit if care is not taking. Without wasting much time below are the consequences or effects of looting public resources and facilities.

  • Slow economy growth

When citizens of a given country take to looting of public resources – both the masses and the government are bound to suffer. Government officials won’t be able to carry out their duties effectively anymore due to lack of resources and facilities. And when they fail to effectively and efficiently implement their duties it all bounce back to the economy and citizens of that country.

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Also, officials may be scared to do their job for fear off been attacked by hoodlums. All these coupled together will slow down the economy growth and it GDP. Government which act on revenue from taxes and fees are also bound to suffer as they may be faced with low funds to cater for the numerous issues and problems at hand.

  • Delay In The Implementation Of Government Policies.

Where is there is war and violence, government policies are bound to come with delays. Officials or government workers who are in charged may be forced to leave their assigned duties due to fear of been attacked by hoodlums and miscreants. By so doing, policies that need to be implemented will have to wait indefinitely till when there is calm and peace in the country. We all do not want this in Nigeria, that’s why we need to embrace peace and unity in the country.

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  • It Gives Room For Tribalism To Thrive.

When the current incumbent is from another tribe, those from the opposite will do all it takes to bad-mouth him/her thereby blowing the wind of tribal discrimination. Tribal war has existed for a long time but has been brought to it minimum. It can’t be willed out from our society but it can be contained by incorporating good practices.

Tribal war in Nigeria has long been fought and the old men and women can tell the tales. We don’t want to be a partaker of the booties of war and destruction. So therefore we as a Nigerian need to learn how to incorporate good attitudes and character in all our endeavor. The looting of government properties shouldn’t be encouraged. It adversities and consequences are numerous.

Finally, the looting of both private and public properties is a crime.

Looting in Supermarket

Nigerian youths are not criminals but a tool for social change and peace. The promotion of looting in any form shouldn’t be encouraged at any level. Let peace and unity be our motto and guide in all our dealing with the state.

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There are other ways you can show your grievance’s to the Nigerian government. But taking up violence and destruction of public properties is consequential and has a lot of negative effect in our society. So before acting it is imperative we think it through and see we aren’t violating any laws of the land. Just as you don’t want our economy to suffer, likewise we need to do the right thing. A word they say is enough for the wise. Cheers!

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