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Three (3) Popular freelancing platforms to Step up your Side Hussle




In my previous post I made mentioned of freelancing as one of the way of making legitimate money

Today I will be showing you 3 popular platforms you need to consider to step up your side hustle. If you know you are not comfortable with your current salary or need to find something else doing.


You are wholeheartedly welcometd as I will be relieving your stress in a short while. Remember, online side hustle is not a get rich quick scheme. If you are looking for ways to make $1000 in one day, then I will advise you stop reading and leave. So if you are anxious and curious like me, then go grab some coffee and make sure you read to the end.

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The first on our list is fiverr. This platform is one of the biggest and most popular freelancing platform in the world. There are a lot of skills you can offer ranging from web design, web development, graphics design, writing, drawing, crafts and a whole lot more. There is no skill you won’t find on this platform as they have got it all.

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Another juicy feature and benefits of this platform is that they pay in dollars. How does that sound? Great right? Though you will need a Paypal account to get access to your funds. Oh less I forgot! You don’t need to pay any subscription fee to get started as everything is free. So what are you waiting for? Head now to fiverr to get started.



Yes this is another great platform to start your freelancing business. As a freelancer you are to create your account, update your profile with the right informations and credentials and wait for the admin to approve your application. Once approved, you can start working and earning immediately. They also pay in dollars, Euro and Pounds. But it should be noted that Peopleperhour unlike Fiverr require you to pitch proposals to clients which itself is also limited.

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There is a limit on the number of proposals you can send out per month. But still, Peopleperhour is a great platform where you can make a good side income.

Oper news hub


Surprised right? Yes am very sure of what am saying. Opera news hub has more than 5 million readers per month which you can leverage and make a good side income by writing quality contents. While you may offer different services on Fiverr and Peopleperhour, you can only offer quality articles on Opera news hub.

There are range of topics you can write about. All you have to do is know your interest and passion then dive in to creating quality and good article. At the end of the month you are paid in your country currency, so there is no need to convert as everything is sent to your bank account directly. While Opera news hub may not be available in all countries you can still leverage on the two above to make a good side income.

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Ok here is where I will be calling it a day. You can check my previous posts to learn more on how you can make money online. And remember, to make money online you need to be dedicated and consistent. As well, don’t just read the article and leave make sure you research more put them into practice.

Those platforms I mentioned above aren’t easy to find your way around if you are not ready to put yourself together and do the necessary things. There are other platforms on the internet, but the one I have took pain to research and write about are the ones you can start on easily. So till then.

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