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Three (3) mistakes Arsenal need to stop making as they target top four return ahead of next season




Arsenal has failed to make the top four since 2015/16 season as they finished second behind champions Leicester city with 10 points clear.

The North London side has been playing the Uefa Europa League for the past four season and missed out on European football last season for the first time in 25 years

It is evident that the 13 times premier league winners has been making the same mistakes over and over again and that needs to change next season if they want to force there way into the top four and qualify for Champions League next season.

Here are the mistakes that needs to be stopped if they want to qualify for top four


In the past few seasons, Arsenal keeps on signing players for free and loan and that has hindered there chances of qualifying for the top four because most of the players only joined Arsenal either because of money or they are forced to Join and that as make those players failed to perform well that season.

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Arsenal had failed to splash the cash in the past season has they are unable to compete with other top club because of lack of quality players, though they signed some players who had makr names and won big trophies for there formal clubs but those Players refuse to perform well because of the huge salaries they are earning.

Arsenal needs to go for fresh world class players in other to compete in the league and qualify for the top four for next season


Arsenal has been suffering in the past seasons with the way they looses important games, INCONSISTENCY has been the major problem of arsenal in the past as they have failed to win consecutive games In the all competition loosing to teams that they shouldn’t loose to. That’s why they need a world class manager to help them fight this INCONSISTENCY if they want to qualify for europe Elight League (UCL) next season.

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Arteta is also one of the problems they had as he keeps on making mistakes upon mistakes every games bringing in Centimet in his teams which is seriously affect the team.

The Spanish needs to stop this and use the players who are ready to play for the batch and young players who are hungry and begging for just one chance as we see last season when he gave 20 year old Emile Smith Rowe and he grab the chance and plays well last season.

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He needs to keep on using players and that will end the INCONSISTENCY at arsenal

The board are also one of the problems they are having as he is not give the coach funds to buy players

If they can change all this, Arsenal will return to the UCL and Eventually win it for the first time.

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