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Thomas Tuchel Now Using A ‘Clever Secret Code’ to Communicate to Chelsea players on the pitch.



Thomas Tuchel

It has been revealed that the German boss Thomas Tuchel has now tell his Players to use code words to communicate when they attack, so that his players can know where to run, when they are going forward and who to target.

47-years-old Thomas Tuchel has introduced his unique secret methods in Stamford Bridge

Thomas Tuchel remain unbeaten in 12 games as Chelsea manager in all competitions.

The Secret words is a system that includes a group of his key players triggers to let Chelsea Starts know where they will go down to, whether the ball should be put high or low and etc.

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Thomas Tuchel

Now, Chelsea opponents will be in dark as they try to guess what will be coming next.

This has been a major asset and one baffled rival told me, “You have no idea of what’s going on but they know excatly what they are doing.

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“It just makes the attacks much quicker and more deadly beacuse sometimes the player passing does not have to look to to know where to pass to.

“They use different words all the time, and there’s no way you can work it out during the game.

Adrian Ramos, a former striker under the current Chelsea boss at Borussia Dortmund also stressed that the German Manager is known to be a “Very loud manager” in the dressing room.

Chelsea fans will be hoping to see Thomas Tuchel trick help the team deliver the Premier League title next season.

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Chelsea were held to a 0-0 draw by Leeds United and blew away the golden chance to move to the third spot.

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