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There Is Hunger In The Land ‘Nigeria Is In Mess’.




An hungry Nigeria man, they say, is an angry man.


Oftentimes, we have been faced with violent situations and stuffs that are blown out of proportion, tribalism, theft, the face of evil and ethnic and religious demons where we blame home training, character or morals and generalization in society.

The question is, what is the root cause of these situations?

Why do we always have to agitate aggressively before we are heard? Nigeria is one of the countries that its citizens earn low income and have economical issues. We have been faced with this economic difficulty for a long time now, due to the constant domination of bad governance. The poverty level is increasing instead of decreasing every blessed day.

Economic statistics, researches and surveys have pointed out that many Nigerian citizens might not be able to afford more than one dollar per day to feed, which might not be far from the truth. Hunger in Africa at large is a constant topic that has grazed the lips of its leaders, including the world leaders at large. But all the efforts put in place to curb this cankerworm have proved dormant. But, let’s talk about Nigeria and the reason why there is anger in the land.


Nigeria citizens has been under constant oppression as they have been forced to adapt to things as they come, they have learned to survive as they are scared that there might be targets if they dare speak up or say something about it. Africa has been cited as a citadel of hunger and poverty.

The nonchalance of the government in Nigeria has had a lasting effect on her citizens as what we only know is that the people we put to manage responsibilities are the same ones that are killing us.

All they know how to do is to make empty promises while we foolishly vote them in again, they come back and embezzle our money. We have been seriously stagnant since Nigeria gained independence, when we are supposed to have gotten to a significant point after sixty years.


Since we started having Democratic government in our country, it has been the same campaign strategies, where we hear things like, “I and my team promise to alleviate poverty in our country by raising funds for small and medium scale businesses,” “I promise that under my government, I would ensure that the roads are fixed and lives and properties are secured” or “I would ensure that I work on power supply and water, also alleviating poverty by 80% after four years.”

These are the sane pieces of trash we have been hearing for more than two decades. Yet, here we are today, hungrier and angrier than we have ever been as a nation.

We have complained bitterly over the years to the ones we call our leaders, but they have done nothing or something of little impact about it, like focusing on one state or one tribe (mostly their people).


The citizens of Nigeria especially the youths have been looking for a way to voice out and express their pain and anger towards the Nigerian political system in solidarity till their demands are met. Then, the opportunity came along. It was the perfect opportunity to express their heartfelt anger.


The #ENDSARS protest has seen citizens with different agendas coming together at the beginning in the pretence of having one goal, which was to put an end to police brutality with their voice, especially against the Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) and it’s cruelty. Days into the protest, the different agendas became more defined and obvious, as we saw other hashtags like #endbadgovernance, #endswat, #endpoverty, #thepeoplearehungry amongst others.

Angry youths came out in their numbers, as they took to the streets, chanting change songs as loud as they could. The protests became louder nationwide and even beyond as more Nigerian youths took to the streets, blocking the major roads and some of the minor routes in different states across the country.

One things I’ve come to understand when it comes to anger is that you cannot quench a collective anger without some compromises, no matter how powerful you are. Anger turned to rage when some military men came into the midst of a peaceful protest and started shooting, killing a dozen and injuring many.

That was when the buried effect of hunger started to come to light. The youths went haywire as violence started erupting in diverse places across the country.

These violence were perpetrated by youths actually on the basis of the anger from the hunger. In Lagos state, being the centre of excellent and the most thriving economy in the country, government and private properties were destroyed and burnt down. Media stations, bus stations, luxury BRT buses, traditional monuments, public and historical monuments, supermarkets and stores, banks and the likes were attacked and set on fire by these youths.

There were also places were there were jailbreaks, where correctional facilities were set on fire and prisoners had to run for their lives. Many police stations were also burnt down and police officers killed.

In more recent times, there have been massive looting of covid19 palliatives and even private stores. Those palliatives were donated to help the poor and vulnerable masses in quenching their hunger during the lockdown, but, it was obviously not distributed.

It was hoarded in warehouses by our government. What can you say from the recent turnout of events in our country. There is only one explanation. “There is massive hunger in the land.

Our government has not done enough to curb hunger and unemployment in our country. With the way things are going, if they don’t do something about it fast, Nigeria will know no peace.

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