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Addiction is the most underestimated psychological issue in the world.


This is simply because people do not take the habits that lead to it seriously, provided they get the same result or feel the same way they want to feel.

People swim into addiction for a million and one reasons, including the ones that might seem very stupid. Reasons like vaping because you want to be seen as the coolest guy among your peers or taking stuffs because you have seen other people try. It becomes an habit and you might not feel you are coursing to addiction, till you get there.

Let us start from the origin, which is existence and life itself. Life is the reason why there is something to try, it’s the reason why there is an habit. Most people plan ahead, they set routines on how they would go about their daily activities. But as you know, life is not always a den of routines. Life is like a foundation in which a building sprouts from.

The building might be constructed according to the layout of the foundation at the beginning, but, it starts getting twists and turns, due to new ideas and challenges that arise, moving forward, as long as the building is still under construction. This is why people would do anything to go back to how they wanted things to be for them when they are faced with challenges in which they don’t want to compromise, not minding the repercussions.

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Addiction can be said to be a major psychological disease that programs the brain to give an unsatisfiable habitual reward of mind related circuits which might leave serious damages on the life of recipient, as long as it is being upheld. Many people are afraid to face certain situations in life with their head down. They prefer to do something they think would make them escape those situations.

I was having a conversation with a friend who was addicted to smoking of weed. “I told him the effevcts of smoking andvits implications to his lung” I pointed out and told him to stop it if possible or reduce the numbers of times/days he takes it,  but to my suprise he responded and told me “he don’t care and insited on not stoping smoking”

I like the feeling it gives. Please, I don’t have strength for stress.” I mean, a student like me saying he doesn’t have time for stress. Why are you a student if you are not willing to scale through school stress. You knew what you were signing up for before you started it. This and some other flimsy excuses that seem reasonable to addicts have driven them to do anything to feel on top of their own world.

Moving on, let’s talk about trauma. Trauma and addiction are somehow connected because one definitely leads to the other in most cases. Psychological trauma is diagnosed from a shocking event or an horrific experience that has happened in the past and might still be happening that still gives you chills, goosebumps, panic attacks and the likes.

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In severe cases of trauma, the person feels like dying and no longer cares about life or purpose. They feel the best solution is to take that life out. At this point, that person would do anything to take the pain away.

You would have brutal sex with different people or the same person, multiple times a day, you would spend the whole day in a bar drowning yourself in multiple bottles of alcoholic drinks till you acquire a debt that you are not able to pay or you dose yourself with morphine, cocaine or marijuana, just to escape the pain. “My life is a mess Jay,” she cried, burying her face in her palms. “I do see  him everytime”. I see the monstrous psychopath that locked me in the cupboard for six months.


This is the only way I can get him out of my head.” She has been injecting cocaine into her system for four years now. She is still haunted by her past and wants to get rid of that memory. Well, sorry to weaken anyone going through addiction, you cannot ignore that pain forever.

Taking something to make you forget that memory momentarily would only make the pain unbearable for you and your loved ones when you come back to your senses. To deal with addiction, you have to come to terms with the root of the problem, that is, the source of that pain, that memory, that past, that painful event and those group of people that pushed you into it in the first place.

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You need to accept that the deed has been done, you cannot take back what has happened. You need to resolve within yourself that you would learn from it, you would not make the same mistake that led to that horrific event and you would not see someone else make the same mistake. You need to avoid anything and any place that would trigger that memory in a negative way.

Avoid anything that would trigger your addiction. Avoid going to the bar if you are addicted to drinking, avoid those group of friends if you are addicted to vaping, avoid night clubs. Engage seriously in something tangible and profitable, work with nature, engage a therapist and make sure you are serious with your sessions, taking note of every detail to help yourself.

Try to be around family and loved ones more often. All these would help you heal better and help you get to a better place in your life. To heal, you’ve got to start from within.

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