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The First Date Introduce You To The Unknown Journey Ahead



The first date

Going out on the first date could be so romantic, adorable and full of sweet sensation.

The first date

Yet it could turn out to be the most boring and unforgettable story in one’s life. On the first date you’ll see yourself stressing yourself over on what to wear, how to look your best for that Romeo, whom have stolen your heart away. Any other thing from a third party does not really count at this point in time, that is if you even take a time to hear what the other third party is telling you, because at this moment, you are head over heels crazy over what would be happening between you and your Romeo.

If you feel there is no dress in your wardrobe suitable for that special outing, you don’t mind going to the boutique to get a new one, afteral, the guy is in bucks, and he might afford to pay back the money in no time when the relationship is well secured. So is the thought of every young and single ladies, it is a ladies world and the men are supposed to pamper them.

As for the Romeo, he has already got loaded for that day, because money is not his problem, and he has enough stock up in his account. A new head cut, shaped side brows embellished with one of his best suites in his wardrobe and a very expensive shoe that costs a ransom to complement the whole dressing.

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The day arrives and Mr Romeo gets to your end in one of the trendiest cars in vogue. Mr Romeo starts horning for your attention to be aware that he is around. He never bothered to leave his car and come outside into your apartment to pick his Juliet.

The first date

Everyone around is beginning to wonder what is going on, as this is not proper and unacceptable for lovebirds on a first date. Even you, yourself, do not seem to understand what that attitude is all about. You maintain your position in your abode, having gotten dressed up to kill for that outing, hoping that after several horning to get attention, your Romeo would come out and take a bow before his Juliet. But this never happened. To avoid shame, you reluctantly leave the house, applying a fake smile on your face, saying all is well.

This is the beginning of the first flaw in the supposed relationship. A no go area. You know quite alright that that show off attitude is uncalled for and not lady-like, but you still hope to find a better attitude to clear off the doubt. But the second flaw happens exactly at the same spot when you arrives your Romeo car, hoping to see him come down to open the car for you, but alas, he sits well tight and relaxed in his car, watching you struggling to open the car door.


Your Romeo is indeed full of egoism. The worst battle that tackles couples both while in relationship or in marriage.
Battling with male egoism is quite a tedious task to amend; no woman involved in it ever succeeded putting a stop to it in their spouses’ lives.

The first date is already ruined at that first impression created by your Romeo. It now depend s on you if you would continue with the outcome of such outing , hoping to find a better person in the guy’s life, or you quickly step out of the relationship before it gets too late.

Definitely nothing good will come of the date, with the bad impression that has already spelt itself out in front of you. Except you just have to be there and enjoy the free meal that your Romeo will lavishly spend on you, because looking at him from this angle, he is the SHOW-OFF type of man. At least you can regain back half of the money you spent on buying new wears to impress your Romeo, even if you may not be able to get the money back in full as you foolishly thought earlier.

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The first date introduces you to the kind of journey ahead of you. It is now left to you if you’d be ready to carry many loads of worry on your head, all in the name of love. Assuming the visa-versa is the outcome of the first date, come on, what stops you from having a blissful relationship that may eventually result to marriage. I mean everybody dreams of a good future with their spouse.

The same attitude from the Romeo could also be vice-versa. If detected in the supposed Juliet, Mr Romeo knows best what to do before it is late. A woman with a Jezebel-like attitude is not an easy vessel to tamper with. Just like you cannot change the man with conspicuous male egoism, same way you will not be able to change a woman with bad characters. Play your part wisely; do not be carried away by physical attraction alone. Look before you leap.

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