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Professional Footballer Slapped By A Military Man In Nigeria (Photo)



Professional footballer

A Nigerian professional footballer got in a road trouble with a Military officer over who has right to pass through the rightful lane.

Both men were argue as they drove on the wrong lane of the road while facing each other.

The military man who was identified as one Nasiru slapped the footballer over an arguement of who has the right to pass one lane of the road.

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The footballer can be indentified as Chikelu Ofoedu, who plays as a striker for an Isrealite side , Tel Aviv. Chikelu approached the football in his car after getting slapped and asked to be killed instead of receiving the slap, while the soldier who then came down holding a cutlass.

Professional footballer

The military man ‘Nasiru’ confronted the football with cutlass, while the Tel Aviv striker fold his hands behind him and as he continue to question the military man over the slap.

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It was reported that the soldier was heard insulting the footballer for having the confidence to question him.

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