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OPINION: Who Will Take the Yoruba Presidential Mantle Comes 2023? Tinubu vs Sowore





Several reactions has been in air in Nigeria most especially for the past half-decade on the need to give the youths a chance to pilot the affairs of the country’s most crucial and uppermost position otherwise known as the office of the presidency.

Citizens are now optimistic that there would be a big turnaround in all aspects of the country’s economy and security sectors if only youths are given the opportunity to become the president of the nation.

With the look of things in the country presently, several moves has been made by the core leader of the All Progressive Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu which denotes his interest in running for the office of the presidency comes 2023 general elections, which as one of the core political leaders in the country has a very high tendency of taking the mantle of the Yorubas presidential place.

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Meanwhile, following the #RevolutionNow peaceful protest headed by the Nigerian human rights activist and founder of the online news platform; Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore, chances are that the Nigerian youths will vote for him massively as a youth at the 2023 presidential election.
Several attempts has been made to get things in proper working position as they were, these include peaceful protests, srike actions by various individuals and groups to mention but a few.

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One of the protests which hit on the change in the incompetency of the government was the one led by the #RevolutionNow activist; Omoyele Sowore which he made a call on all Nigerians for a peaceful protest on the 5th of August, 2019. It is important to note that the clamour on the need for transfer of governance to the youth came as a result of the incompetency of the “old” leaders ruling the nation.

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Now, the question is, would youth emerging a Nigerian president come 2023 do Nigeria any good than it is?

Kindly drop your opinions down in the comment section.

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