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2023: Any Chance Of The South-east Taking Over The Presidency?




This is a question that has caused a lot of concern in the minds of many Nigerian citizens.


It seems the presidency position is being recycled and centralized on a particular circle of people in the country, that is, the Hausas and the Yoruba’s.

Presidency position now looks like a Chieftaincy title or Kingship position that centers on a particular sect of people or family, and this makes the Nigerian politics a bizarre people.

History had it that a misunderstanding had occurred in time past during the British colonial era in Nigeria, where power was centralized on the Northern region of our country, and the Hausas seem to be the eye of the people. Few powers were centralized on the minority of citizens in the country that makes up the Eastern and Western region of Nigeria. Leadership during this period looks redundant but the lips of the people were sealed as nobody could utter any word against the ruling power of that time.

A tragic incidence happened in the country, that brought a gap between the Northerners and the Easterners and that was when oil was discovered in the Eastern region of Nigeria, and the Northern rulers demanded a 50% share of the legislature seats and threatened to carve themselves out of the country if the demand was not met.

I believe there was an agreement that settled the issue of the demand, but instead of a peaceful atmosphere, the Northerners take the advantage of this animosity and start dominating the whole jurisdiction of Nigerian politics. As if that isn’t enough, the Northern region in their grieve against the Eastern region being in possession of some social and political affairs in their states, broke up a riot against the Eastern people that killed many lives. This occurrence caused a lot of misunderstanding between the two regions to the extent that it became a serious war that led to the loss of many lives in the nation.

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The misunderstanding aggravated into serious riots that took millions of innocent people’s life. The malice continued for a long period of time until the barrier was broken with the emergence of Dr Nnamdi Azikwe as the president of Nigeria.

I want to believe that the emergence of Nnamdi Azikwe as president is a way of appealing with the Eastern people for the loss of lives and properties that got damaged during the war, because after his regime as president, no other candidate was given the chance to emerge president from the Eastern region for a long period of time. This movement springs out the root of another agitation that is beginning to threaten the foundation of our dear country, Nigeria. The dominant of the Eastern region popularly known as the Igbo people, in the bid to fight for their right, start agitating for a new nationality for themselves.

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Over fifty years now that the Igbo people have been secluded from gaining the presidency position, and this is causing a serious havoc in the mind of the people. If care is not taken they will eventually separate themselves from Nigeria, and this will erupt a great loss to the whole Nigerian citizens as most of the developments that holds the country at large comes from the effort of the Igbo people.

Though I strongly believe that the Eastern region would be given a chance to emerge a president someday, and this will happen sooner than we expected, because few great politicians amongst majority other ones, do not harbor the route at which politics is threading to concerning the issue of seats of presidency in particular. Many frowns at the biased treatment towards the Eastern region, and voice out for a change before the whole scenario turn into a nightmare that can never be corrected any longer.


If prominent politicians in the likes of Nwodo and Senator Anietie Okon believe that this is injustice to the human right of the Igbo people, then that shows that there is a way forward towards the power of presidency being taken over to the South-East. Not even that, even some of the Northern prominent leaders too frown at the partiality imbedded on the Igbo people, and they also agree that the presidency should be given to the Eastern region, at least for a change.

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If this can be put into practice, I believe the country will be at peace, and there will be a way forward. Nevertheless, some greedy leaders may frown at this idea, but the reality remains that for a country like ours, Nigeria, power should be equally distributed amongst the three major tribes that make it up.

For justice and equity to exist in our country, the citizen’s right should be put into consideration. So as to avoid the segregation of the Igbo people, because this is one of the greatest fears of the masses, who feels that this movement will be the beginning of the fall of Nigeria? How do we start again from the scratch, Rome isn’t built in a day, remember? Hopefully 2023 election might be the biggest election ever held in Nigeria

I can assure you that the South-East will surely get the presidency position once again after many years and assure you better that they will make a good leadership,


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