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Let’s Talk! Do You Support ‘Polytechnic Graduates Are Palerhaps Better Than University Graduates In Nigeria’?



Polytechnic Graduates

I’m of the opinion that Polytechnic graduates are more better than University Graduates in Nigeria today, base on my few points and asumptions i can categorically tell you that Politechnics is better than Universities as far as Nigeria education system is concern.

In Polytechnics, they are two major Diploma to obtain, National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND). While you can’t do this in Universities, you have to wait and complate your 4 or 5 years courses before you can install your certificate into any Job system, but with Pilytechnic National Diploma (ND), you can easily get a cool paying job to support yourself, even some Jobs in Nigeria pays Polytechnic National Diploma (ND) better than some Universites graduates with (BSC) and this is the Nigeria we all know today.

Polytechnic Graduates

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Polytechnics are known of exposing students to more practical experience than Universities.

If you’re a University graduate, I’m sure you will find it easy to prove me right that Universities focuse more on the theories over practical, while this have a huge effects on graduates because the world we are living in is about what you can do and how you can create a solution to solve a particular problem, not what you know or how many text books you can study.

Albert Einstein once said; “The only source of knowledge is experience”.

To be truthful, majority of University graduates i know are brianless, while some have no skills. The only thing they are good at, is to speak English and theories.

Another view of mine, is a general assumption which has proven to be real “University is the home of cultism and prostitution in Nigeria”,  I don’t want to talk much about this today. Follow up on the next post

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Many Polytechnic graduates prefer to be their own boss, while University graduates always run after white collar jobs, running from one interview to another.

Another view of mine is that, University certificates are not equal unlike polytechnic certificates. Federal University certificate is more wanted and valuable than private University certificates, while all polytechnics certificates are equal .

There are still million reasons while i will always chosed Poly over Uni.

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Do You Agree or Disagree ?

Please let me hear your opinion in the comment box. I will be happy to respond to every comments.


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