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Do You Think Physical Attraction Is An Instrument Of Destruction In a Relationship?




Dealing with the issue of physical attraction in a relationship is very common amongst individuals.


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Many people have gone lost on an unending journey into a world of no return. Physical attraction as beautiful as it sounds is also an instrument of destruction in the life of many, who prefer to be lost, all-in the name of of love.

A handsome, cute, tall and athletic built young guy who carries grace all around him may be the eye of any female gender anywhere he goes. Whether he is in money or not, he must surely cause a stare from the opposite sex. Same thing goes to the female gender; a young lady endowed with alluring beauty cannot, but also cause an attraction from the male gender too anywhere she steps on.

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We know that beauty has a very strong and magnetic force that can control the heart of both man and woman if clocked together, but this do not determine how far the journey of love may be. Beauty is vain; it is only a momentum reaction on the reality of man.

Most relationship based on this never lives to see the dawn of of a brighter future. I am not saying that beautiful thing is a bad omen, no, beauty with good characters is a gift in the life of both couple, it has already blended itself, because it is rare to find a woman with both.

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In a case like this a man with a good woman lives to enjoy a blissful life with his partner, unlike the other way round. The same results happen to the female gender. If a lady goes into relationship with a good man she ends up living in a very comfortable life without end till death comes knowing in their old age.

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The kind of physical attraction I want to expatiate on this topic goes beyond being beautiful, because that is not the only element that makes up physical attraction. Both male and female individual tend to be carried away by what they see and not what they feel about their partner. It is a bad judgment in the journey of love, and it ended up obstructing a supposed relationship.

For instance a guy who cherish a lady with big burst and big buttocks but mistakenly settles down with one with none, may eventually develops problem in the marriage, because anywhere he goes he sees himself looking at the opposite sex with those endowment that attracts him in them, and this may even happen anytime he is with the wife, he do not care, since it is beyond his control.

Such case like this puts the unfortunate woman in a tight corner, because she had made her eyes to be blinded by the reality of what is going on at that time of their relationship. What seems like an illusion is now appearing as reality, hunting the foundation of a a newly built foundation.

Go for the kind of taste that suits your person. Do not be carried away by the illusion of unrealistic dreams that may at the long run be a disaster to your journey of love. What you like in the opposite gender may be what somebody else detests in the opposite gender.

Some guy/man could do anything for a slim lady/woman. This is choice, and that takes us back to our previous blog. While some prefers a lady/woman on a fatty side, it still the same choice. Choose what you desire and stop dabbling from one partner to another partner all in the name of indecision, because you end up showing a characteristic of irresponsibility and uncertainty; and later settles down with a wrong partner. Nobody is happy to be treated like a second fiddle in a relationship journey or marriage trip.

Define what attract you to the opposite gender and know if it is what gives you joy. Settle for it and avoid the mistake of tomorrow. That is why you keep both eyes widely opened and your senses in a correct thinking faculty during relationship process so as to take a re-set if what you find in the relationship do not meets up with the demand you already have in your mind about your future partner. It is better late than never; avoid the stress of had I known for the future reference.

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