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Why Ngozi Okonjo Iwe-ala May Be The First Female President Of Nigeria




I t is a great wonder and amazement with the speed at which this great woman is making wave in the history of Nigeria.


Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala is agreat woman of substance and a bona fide citizen of Nigeria who has climbed the ladder of success for the benefit of her people, both in the country and the world in Diaspora. Her effort to the growth of Nigeria both financially, economically and politically, has credited the Nigerian citizen as a distinguished and remarkable name in the global world.

Over 25 years career at the World Bank as a developed economist, Okonjo –Iweala, rose to the second position of Managing Director of operations, in the World Bank sector. She was the only first female and black woman to contest as a candidate for the seat of the presidency of the World Bank Group in 2012. This was wholeheartedly backed up by her fellow black race in the African continent, and major developing international countries.

Okonjo – Iweala is coined a rare gem and female specie that has won herself an honorary respect worthy of emulation. She is no doubt a few steps to the seat of presidency of Nigeria.

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If given the opportunity to explore and bring out the beauty that lies within our country, this woman is no doubt a sure bet for such task, because as a former Minister of Finance, history had it that she single handedly negotiated with the Paris club of creditors to wipe out the $30 Billion of Nigeria’s debt. A task that would have tarnished the image of Nigerian, if not properly handled the way she handled it. Tell me, what more could be expected from a woman of integrity like that of Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala?


The presidential seat is no doubt dominated by the male gender, but this woman has cleared the barrier of leadership of the presidential position with the achievement she had made so far for her country, given room for aspiration of women leadership beyond the role of senatorship and counselors; thereby telling the people that there is no law holding back the female gender from being a president. Both male and female gender should be treated equally in politics, what the masses demand from our leaders is the ability to rule and coordinate the people so as to achieve a maximum productivity in all sectors of our economy.

The presidential seat crave for a more competent and calculating personality who can contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy within a period of time. Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala has beyond reasonable doubt proved herself to be an exceptional woman in the history of Nigeria and politics at large.

A woman, whom has shown herself worthy of emulation in the global constitution to the extent of contesting internationally for the position of the World Trade Organization (WTO), will no doubt contribute to the accreditation of the stability and growth of her own country. She single handedly enhanced transparency of government accounts and strengthened institutions against corruption, including the implementation of the GIFMS (Government Integrated Financial Mgt Systems), the IPPMS (Integrated Personnel and Payroll Mgt System) and the TSA(Treasury Single Accounts), she will no doubt win the vote of the masses, if contesting for the presidency seat of the republic of Nigeria.

The world is currently battling with the Covid 19 epidemic which has wiped out over millions of human life, as the current Chair of the Board of Gavi, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and immunization, Dr Okonjo –Iweala as a representative of GAVI, has enhanced the immunization of 680 million children in the world and saved 10 million lives in the world, globally.

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What other commitment and dedication would the masses expected from a true leader, if no other than the contributions from a passionate heart of a woman like Okonjo-Iweala, whom has demonstrated the quality of good leadership to her nation and the world at large.

Conclusively, one can say that if Dr Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala should contest as a candidate for the presidential position, looking back at her contribution in the human affairs and the contribution to the growth of the economy, she would definitely have the back-up of the masses, and undoubtedly emerge the first female gender to mount the seat of presidency in Nigeria.

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