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Life After NYSC What Next For The Outgoing Corps Memeber



Life after NYSC

Life after NYSC,  what Next for Nigeria Graduates?


When the monthly ‘allawee’ of corps members exceeds 28th of every month there is a hidden nationwide strike and protest by corps members which only the organizations where they serve and the traders in their host communities experience. You hear things like, “sir, i wouldn’t be coming to work tomorrow they haven’t paid allawee,” or that’s when you see a corps member seriously haggling Price with a trader and saying “you no know say dem never pay allawee?”

Life after NYSC

Don’t get me wrong, the monthly allowance is your right and entitlement during the service year, and i am also a strong advocate for the minimum wage implementation for it to be increase then. However, the part where i am seriously concerned about is that most corps member do not sit down to think of the life waiting for them after (life after NYSC)

Its never a sin to live each day as it comes and take things one step at a time but it’s also not a crime to think deeply about the future, and reflect on the next course of action to take after a certain stage in one’s life, often times corps members get so comfortable in their current state of receiving monthly stipend that the reality of life only dawns on them when they are almost rounding off the compulsory one year scheme.

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Have you ever sat down to ask yourself where are over 70,000 corps members who pass out of NYSC yearly go to? It sounds quite alarming but the sincere truth is that most of them leave the scheme to join the growing body of over 20 million unemployed youths in the country. so the question you should ask yourself right now is what makes you valuable and indispensable enough for any organization to consider hiring you?


I learnt a very interesting phrase which goes, “the government you are waiting for is waiting for you too”. it’s no longer news that there are little or no available jobs in the country and the government in all sincerity cannot provide for all our needs. Hence, we must devise means to fend for ourselves and carve a parth for our future.

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one mistake some of us make is that immediately we finish NYSC, we start researching and applying rigorously for jobs in almost any sector, be it in our desire field or not. All we want is to find a job so we can join our parents and counterparts in the daily 9-5 routine. We forget that some of our colleagues have tried and are still trying to secure a job for months afer their NYSC too

So rather than joining the trend and following the norm, wouldn’t it be better if you apply for internships and at least train to get the first-hand skill, experience and knowledge needed for a particular job? dont you think that at the end of 6-month or one year of intership at an organization, the employer would rather hire you to fill up the next available job open rather than hire someone new who they might need to train from scratch?

And for those who would rather be entrepreneurs let’s not be contrained to dream big about our ideas due to lack of capital. I have learnt that more often than not, the people with ideas don’t have the money to implement. That’s just the irony of life. So rather than give up on that idea that might add so much value to humanity, why not sit with the right people, apply for grants, attend seminars and conferences, where you can meet people and/or get avenue to pitch your ideas.

NYSC Corps

It’s high time we started to think differently about the life after NYSC and take charge of our lives and future before it take charge of us. We must never be afraid of failures because each failure is an opportunity for us to learn, re-learn and3 unlearn certain things so we can move forward.

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Life After NYSC

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