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(Watch Video): Notorious Kidnappers And Ritualist Caught Live




A lot of heartbreaking incident is beginning to come up, as the year is gradually coming to an end.


It is quite evident that during a period like this December month, deadly activities would be seen happening everywhere.

Many killings and bloodsheds are happening around us, and it is increasing in numbers as each day passes by. Everybody is a prey in the hands of these wicked blood seekers. Both young and old people, who are vulnerable, are mostly the target at this period. This ritual agent work according to instruction depending on what the target is at a point in time.

According to the news, a recent happening occurred in Aba in Abia state, where a notorious kidnapper and ritual agent is involved in the kidnapping of innocent children within the range of 2 years old. He had been in the job for long now and has been causing havoc and pain in the life of women whom had fallen victims of their missing children.

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According to sources, the child kidnapper who described himself as Ekenedum, a native of Nbano in Imo state and his young accomplice, Chinonso Sylvanus from Ngwa in same state, secret escapades in stealing innocent children came to an abrupt stop when they unfortunately ran into the hands of the government operational squads known as RRS (Rapid Response Squad).
The RRS officers were said to have arrested Ekenedum in Enugu while he was trying to hide from them, during his usual hunting for innocent kids; it must have been an unfortunate day for him, because he least expected to be caught by such government officials.

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This is the kidnapper’s response when asked who gave him the criminal task to carry out: “ Na one woman for Port Harcourt, we dey carry the pikin dey give, and na 2years pikin, wey be boy, we dey steal”.

Every mothers who have experienced the pain of motherhood should be on the lookout for suspects like this who are mostly found lurking around in the neighborhood, with no other intention than to steal innocent children from the warmth of their real mother, thereby creating an everlasting havoc and pain in the life of the poor women. These people are mostly close family friends whom are least suspected to carry out such wicked deal.

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The criminals are right now in the custody of the govt officials where they would be handed over to the Nigerian police for further interrogations which is liable to get them in jail for stealing and child kidnapping.

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