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Nigeria Students Might Not Be Interested In School In Years To Come




The Reason Why More Students Would Not Be Interested In School In Years To Come.


As many people do referred to education as the best legacy. This is the reason why most parents do anything they can to send their children to school, no matter how hard it is for them. But, it’s frustrating when your environment does not do anything to reward your hardwork, instead it makes it harder. That is the Nigerian messed up university system for you.

They take the future leaders of tomorrow in, make their life a living hell and still delay their graduations, messing things up with their incessant and unreasonable random strikes.
Even if Nigeria has failed in other aspects of the country, the educational and training sector shouldn’t be tampered with. This is a sector in which all manner of individuals, ranging from the government, to the lecturers and down to the students are suppose to work together collectively, firmly and effectively to solidify the foundations of the leaders of tomorrow, helping them on the path of doing very well for themselves and becoming responsible citizens.

I mean, these are the people that would take over the leadership and other areas of this country, these are the people we are all counting on to make things better moving forward and these are the people that would male life easier for our grand children and great grand children, so, why would it hurt to make life a bit easier for them. The Academic Staff Union of Universities flanked by the the federal government are the major problems we have concerning the university system.

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ASUU is a body that is responsible for the regulation and upkeep of academic staffs in most federal universities in Nigeria. They also help to provide resources and source for funds to better federal universities. But, since this body came into to play, it has done more harm than good to the Nigerian federal university system, with its impact mostly affecting the students. They go on useless strikes in the middle of school sections and they don’t even give come back ultimatums. They go on strikes at the expense of the motivation of the students, not coming back to resume these universities till their selfish demands are met.


Now, let’s talk about the effect of indefinite stay at home strikes on the Nigerian students. When a students remains idle and stays away from a particular activity for a while, the brain looses it’s activeness in that particular area and becomes quite dormant. The longer time spent without doing that particular thing, the more the imperfection, which should be a major concern for the Nigerian government.

Students start losing interest in educational stuffs if they are not allowed to do it in a really long time and if there is no hope that they would do it soon. Sometimes, most students might not come back to school if a strike is just called off. The ones that come back would not take educational stuffs seriously, it’s the messed up system as always. After they waste your time, you will still end up In a country where the unemployment rate covers more than half of its population.

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Furthermore, government officials and overseers of certain areas, especially the Nigerian educational system have most of their children studying abroad. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a big deal for them, as their own children are going smoothly in their various fields.

I would say that they do not care about the students of the country as much as they should, in as much as their own people are settled. I will say it loud and I will keep saying it loud, leadership is all about serving your followers/people and placing your personal interests aside. You have to be selfless to serve. You have to put yourself in the shoes of your followers/people, as that would help you make better choices. If we keep going back and forth, like this, the Nigerian students would finally lose interest in educational activities in years to come.

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We might not be having tens of thousands of students anymore. I was discussing with a friend who was not happy about the indefinite strike because he was in final year.

He was talking about how his mates in private universities have all finished from school and have all started to build their lives while he is still struggling to finish the first semester of his final year. It’s heartbreaking because you are delayed, you are restrained from being where you ought to be at a particular time simply because the Academic Staff Union of Universities are not willing to sacrifice their personal interest. I don’t blame them anyways, life in Nigeria is only good to those in power. As you know, smoothness is given to them on a silver platter, it’s mostly what they want or nothing.

Our brains are moving their focus away from the Nigerian universities and our time there. Maybe, it’s time we get things done by ourselves. Maybe, it’s time we start building our own lives. Maybe, it’s time we lose interest stop caring about our educational system and face our personal lives and family. If the Nigerian system of universities have limited students instead of a good number, they would not have the mind to agitate for what they don’t have.

If personal feelings and interest are not dumped aside, the Nigerian university system would crumble because there would be no students.