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Manchester United Fans, Let’s Talk – Do You Think Ole – Solskjaer Will Deliver The Premier League Title ?



Manchester United Fan

I welcome Manchester United Fans to this wonderful Topic.

We all know how common it is for most of Machester United Fans to paint the town over things that has a period.

I’m a Die-Hard Manchester United fans and i can’t just stop wondering how things is working in our favour this season, mostly since the moment team were eliminated from the UEFA Champions League.Manchester United Fan

My friends keep saying, i will not let them rest since United run of good form. The most joyful monment was the night United flogged Liverpool un FA, it was unbelievable and unexpected.

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Apparently, Manchester United has been firing every oponents in the league, and this has been the reason while we are seating at the top despite poor starting to the season.

My Questions:

Does all this mean Manchester United are fully back to compete for the league ?

How long can Manchester United sustain this progress ?

We know of other teams like Arsenal, Chelsea and the rest who don’t necessarily need to worry or fight for the league in anyway, instead they will need to face their Europa League Qualification fight.

All what Manchestet United should be worry about is the linkely challenge to face from the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester and Tothenham

As for now, i think we need to stop over-hyping ourself as a United Fan, let’s remember, this is football and anything can still fade away.

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– What do you think about my point here ????

– Use the comment box and you must drop a comment as a United Fan.

– Do you think we don’t really need to be worry about all these ash rivals?

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