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COVID-19: Lagos State Government Builds Oxygen Plant in Yaba



Oxygen plant

In furtherance of tbe commitment of @followlasg to quickly and effective respond to #COVID-19 pandemic, a brand new oxygen plant has been build at Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) Yaba Lagos, which was activated into operation Yesterday 8th of January 2021.

Oxygen Plant

The oxygen plant was said to have build in collaboration with @gatesfoundation in response to the second wave of COVID-19 in Lagos State.

Oxygen plants are well known industrial device that are designed to regulate supply of air into the healthcare facilities. The plants separated oxygen from all other Air components by using pressure swing adsorption separation techniques.

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It has been noted by scienctics that patients undergoing COVID treatments need high purity oxygen.

Demand for oxygen in the health facilities has been increase as we move into the second wave of COVID19, and this brought about the necessities and activation of more oxygen generation accross the country, particularly in Lagos State.

Oxygen from the Infectious Disease Hospital will be administered to patients with the help of cylinders made available in the hopital wards.

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The patients who required sufficient oxygen for survival will be the most beneficiary of this newly install plant.

The activation of the newly install plant will singnificantly help in the availability of more oxygen supply for co-morbidities COVID-19 patients as it supplement oxygen supply of about six cylinders per hour and 300 per day.

COVID-19 patients who are in a very critical situation can use up to 6 cylinders in a day.

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