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Lack Of Communication Flow In A Relationship And It’s Effect



Lack of communication

Communication has played a major role in many relationships in the whole world, and it is a very vital instrument that adds flavor to the road of successful relationship.

Lack of Communication

Many lovers who do not see any importance in this vital instrument have missed the direction at which their love life ought to have taken all in the name of love, ended up making a shamble of their supposed love life.

I know of a friend who has a guy that never has time to listen to her talk, despite how much she tries to bring up a communication between the two of them, the guy always show a sign of being uninterested in whatever she is saying.

Rather the guy only finds interest in trying to engage her in communication, when there is time to show off something that matters to him. He does not care to know if the lady in question is in the mood to listen to what he has to say or not.

On several occasion the friend had confided in me with flowing tears from her eyes about the nonchalant attitude of her guy towards her, when I asked her what the attitude is, she told me with deep sincerity that the guy do not call her, that all their life in the relationship of over a year, she has been the one making the first moves by calling on phones severally, asking after his well being, and making him understand that she really do care, but all he does is smiles and sits back feeling like a king in his vineyard being worshipped by his different wives.

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He only returns the call on few occasions like someone being compulsion to do that against his will.

This confession tears my heart apart because I have never for one day thought that she could be going through such pain all in the name of trying to keep a relationship going.

This is quite sad and heart breaking, and you need to see this guy looking so cute and down to heart, sometimes I do wonder if he really woo my friend or it is the vice versa, because I cannot endure a relationship like that! It is frustrating and irritating, how long do one continue to carry a burden like that?
Call a spade a spade, if a relationship does not work, then let the rhythm stop flowing! A relationship that starts with a pain in the neck cannot end up yielding fruits of happiness at the long run. It is not possible.

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It is either there is a balance or an abrupt stop to that nonsense just because of love.
Communication in relationship makes it unique. It makes it flow like honey and refreshes the soul as each day passes by, and partners sees themselves as a new lovebirds as the passes by, no regret for ever endeavoring themselves into such relationship. They gets to know each other deeply as the union grows deeper and deeper. I mean, you get to know your differences and what you both share in common.

With constant communication, you can both control your weaknesses and know more of your strength in your love life.

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Lack of communication can only bring distance and unprofitable lies that is deteriorating to the rules of a relationship. This is so, because when the foundation of a relationship is built on no firm communication, it tends to be like a wave in the sea ready to flush off anything found by the sea shore along with it into the sea. It does not compromise its feelings, for anything around him; it just flushes everything into the sea where no one would ever be able to find it back again.

If you find yourself in a relationship with this flaw, I tell you solemnly, the best thing to do is to let sleeping dogs lie, and move ahead in life. Except if you have decided to continue carrying the burden of being the only partner that would be striving to make a relationship work.

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