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It Didnt Actually Start With Sars




It Didnt Actually Start With Sars!! Bad Governance in Nigeria Didn’t Start With SARS Neither Will It End With SARS.


Our dear country Nigeria is facing a lot of problems and chaos and this did not just start with “SARS“. Its sad enough that the revolution that we have awaited seems to have started ” not early enough ” but nevertheless, its better late than never. The batter can only be won if fought anyways.

However, it would be unrealistic of Nigerian Citizens not to remind ourselves that our problems did not start with SARS neither will it end with SARS. It has only just occurred to us, the need to stand up as a voice that our leaders need to hear.

We all thought that allowing sleeping dogs to lie will bring peace anyways but the reverse seems to be the case.

What if the sleeping dogs are our real problems? What if the sleeping dogs are better off awake and disturbed? The Government even in its sleepy state can of course not deny the knowledge of the unfortunate situations and challenges that lurks around the nations fate.

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The same ones who are supposed to execute and interprete the laws are the ones have taught us the most, how and why the rule of law should be swept under the carpet. There are no hard and fast rules to keeping this revolution afloat but the oneness of our voice can never be silenced. Not even by their most dangerous weapons. They kill mere suspects forgetting that a presumption of innocence ever exists in the law books. The same ones who releases the real convicts right after conviction and still subject innocent Victims to an indefinite jail term and untoward punishment.

We can decide to call a spade a spade only if we are sure that its actually a spade. Its the same way we can decide to call this leadership a democratic one only if we are sure that the government is actually meant for the people and not against the people.

This therefore brings me back to the title of this piece that states that; “IT DIDN’T ACTUALLY START WITH SARS”. I mean, our problems, our challenges, Our fears, The Illegalities particularly the lawlessness of the supposed upholders of the tenets of the rule of law.

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This may sound new in the news but it is actually not new to us. We have just learnt to exhibit silence as the only means of survival and at least be availed the golden opportunity of maybe a two course meal per day. Some may say that we are only bearing the consequences of our wrong choice but the question is; Did we ever have an option? All we ever did was to pick the fairest of the worst.


Actually, our problems and pains did not start yesterday nor the the day before. We just barely had a chance to talk not to talk of being heard or even being listened to. We are actually not the unfortunate ones, We just happen to be ruled by the very fortunate ones who don’t like to rule over other fortunate breeds.

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Yes, We must end SARS. Not just SARS, we must end the unbecoming circumstances that we are surrounded with, We must end the peaceful breeze that blows on the tables of decision covered with blood and guilt, We must end our silence, We must end our presumed liberty and actually come into the limelight of a true and genuine state of liberty and independence.

That’s because the problem did not start with SARS neither will it end with SARS.

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