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GOODLUCK JONATHAN: GEJ Administration That Speaks Better For Nigerians



Goodluck Jonathan handling over to the APC administartion

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GEJ Adminstration Proofs Better for Nigeria Over The Current APC Administration


President Godluck EbeleJonathan 6 May 2010 -29 May 2015

I will implore you all to take your time and read this to the end,  I’m sure Nigerians will stop judging this man by his failures

It ha been a general norms for Nigerian’s to focus more on the failure of their past leaders, instead of them to figure out their impact and all they have achieved while im Government.

Ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) adminstration created a leardership structure many Nigerians enjoying today,  although it’s true “There is no success without flaws” it always makes ones felt sad each time we read articles from different median and writers who tend to highlight only the failures and setbacks of our past adminstration without taking a good and consider what they were able to achieved for the people of Nigeria.

Below is the summary list of few achivements of Nigeria Ex-President Goodluck  Ebele Jonathan GEJ Nigerians are not talking about.

  • 1. Promotion of Democracy, let recall Goodluck Jonathan created an enviroment where people from different Culture, Tribe and Backgrounds with divergent can be accomodated.
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Remeber it was GET adminstration when All Progressive Party (APC) was duly registered by the Independent National Electorial Commission (INEC) as the only outstanding opposition party to challenge the dominace and long term serving of People Democratic Party (PDP) , most especialy at the National level. No one would have think about this few years back during President Olusegun Obasanjo regime.

  • 2. He gave a way to the Global business community and thus making Nigeria the Number-one African’s destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Let me take you back to 2014, when $9.70 Billion was flowed in to the economy as FDI in the first six month,  we can all see the impact of this till today but sadly many Nigerians are not seeing all this.

  • 3. YOUWINProgram came into existence in 2014 with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Adminstration initiated this wonderful program.
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The Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN). Youwin was aimed to provide over 100,000 Jobs to the Unemployement youth within the Country in the period of the years. It can be recalled how Federal Governement paid out over 11 million Naira to the third batch of You Win Programe Beneficiary as at 2015, even thou the current administartion of President Mohammodu Buhari an APC memeber made the payment of 8.5 Million Naira to the third beneficiary,  all thanks to the Administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GEJ who started and created the initiative to empowered the unemployed Nigeria youths.

  • 4. Creation and establishment of Nine (9) Feferal University in all the nine state without any federal educational institution.
  • 5. Overpower the outbreak of the then deadly Ebola virus, though Nigeria recorded some fatarlity but yet Goodluck Jonathan (GET) adminstartion was able to overpower the high contagious virus.
  • 6. Implementation of cashless policy system (E-Payment), which was introduced as alternative physical cash payment and to also reduce physical cash in circulation.
  • 7. Introduction and Implementation of Computer base test (CBT) as a huge contribution towards the country Educational system, and ever since then CBT had became mandatory for all UTME Candidate till today.
  • 8. Free and fair election. We all remember how the most credible election was done in 2011, and yet all we care about was his flaws, unlike other adminstration, Goodluck Jonathan gave freedom to the country’s Electoria Agency “Independent Electorial Commission” (INEC).
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Question of The Day!

Why do people fail to talk about this man for good even with all we are passing through from the hands of the current sleeping adminstartion ?

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