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[WATCH VIDEO] Leno, Ceballous, Xhaka or Gabriel – Who’s to be blame for Olympiacos ‘error’ Goal



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Olympiacos goal didn’t go well with many Arsenal Fans and a lot of discussion as been going on with the error-prone Arsenal defence on Thursday night.

80% of the blame on both Leno and Ceballos for playing from the back. While we are all wrong for blaming this two.

Takw a look at the video of the play below, the mistakes actually started in the Olympiacos half, with Gabriel putting on a pass to Xhaka who was at the centre half with nobody around him to take the ball.

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It can been seem in the footage below as Xhaka had many choice of sending the ball either foward or sideways to keep the attacking spirit up.

However, Xhaka takes too much of time to make his decision and send the ball back to Gabriel instead of putting up the ball forward.

Gabriel can be seen running towards Leno’s goal.

Although, Leno shouldn’t have walk so far from his line, but yet we shouldn’t blame him becuase the ball shouldn’t have come back to his half

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Watch the video below and tell us who you rather blame for the goal.

Watch Video Below

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