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Gary Lineker troll Chelsea as he claim he will pick “FA Cup over Top 4 Spot”



Gary Lineker

Chelsea bounce back from their FA Cup final defeat with a 2-1 win over Leicester on Tuesday night at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea took all the three points in Tuesday must win clash against Leicester and the Win has move the blues above the Foxes who are their main Top 4 rival.

The loss for Leicester now means the Foxes are in a dangerous situation to secure their next season Champions League spot. Liverpool are now seating fourth on the table after their 3-0 win over Burnley on wednesday night.

With just one game to end the Premier League Season, Chelsea seating one point above Liverpool, while Liverpool are one point ahead of Leicester.

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Chelsea will be visiting Aston Villa, Liverpool to host Crystal Palace in Anfield while Leicester will welcome though Tottenham on the last day of the League.

Former Leicester star Gary Lineker has now come out with a fear of dropping out of the Top 4, the Lengend on Wednesday morning took to hos Twitter page as he tweeted “I know it doesn’t work like this, but if i’d have been given the choice of winning the FA Cup or getting a Champions League Spot, I’d have taken the Cup all day long”.

Many Leicester fans will agree with Gary Lineker considering how close Leicester City have come to wining the FA Trophy on four occasiond in recent years, just to end up lossing at the final stage. Leicester wanted the FA Cup and this will be a huge achivement for them.

Although, not every Leicester fans will agree to Gary Lineker admission.

Leicester winning the FA Cup trophy at rh expense of Chelsea will live long forever in the memory of Leicester fans, while Chelsea fans will regret the missed oportunity of lossinh out on a sliverware.

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