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Five (5) Things That Prove Chelsea Will Win Premier League Next Season



Five (5) Things That Prove Chelsea Will Win Premier League Next Season

Chelsea finished last season on a high by winning there second UEFA Champions League title, And that has made the fans crave for more from the London side.

With the appointment of Thomas Tuchel in January, Chelsea transformed into a strong Team with a manager that is capable of bringing out the best in his players.

After winning the UEFA Champions League, Chelsea is expected to focus on the premier league next season.

Below are the proves that Chelsea will win the EPL next seasonFive (5) Things That Prove Chelsea Will Win Premier League Next Season

#1. The Same Spirit Of Last Season Ucl Performance

After winning the UEFA Champions League, Chelsea will carry that same Spirit to Next season as we saw with Liverpool last two season who the UCL and then the following season they went on to the EPL.

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#2. Chelsea Don’t Stay Too Long Before Winning The Epl

Another evidence is that Chelsea Don’t wait too long before winning the EPL.

The last time they won the Premier League was In the 2016/17 season and this will be the first time Chelsea will go more than first season without Winning the EPL as they always win the EPL Every four Four seasons which means Chelsea will win the EPL they should have won Last season.

#3. Experience Manager In Tuchel

With the experience Tuchel has in football and what he has done in football he is no doubt the favorite to win the EPL tittle next season.

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#4. Good Squad

Chelsea have the players to win the EPL next season with the players been linked to Chelsea, Chelsea will be a difficult side to beat next season.

#5. Tuchel’s Influence On The Players

Since Tuchel appointment as the manager of Chelsea last season, He has changed the mind of the players from Negative thought to positive thoughts after Lampard down graded them before the season starts that it will take time for the players to adapt.

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As we can see last season, the players are willing to play for Tuchel. They is unity, togetherness and hunger for success in the heart of the Chelsea players who are ready to play together and face anybody regardless of your achievement and form.

With the relationship he have with the players, they are willing to play for him.

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