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#ENDSARS PROTEST: Five (5) Areas Nigerian Protesters Failed To Pay Much Emphasis On




In the year 2020, something unusual happened in Nigeria which has never been in her history before (Endsars).

This came into place through the action of bravery expressed by the Nigerian youths as they came out in masse to express their dissatisfaction as well as disappointment in the way the Nigerian Police Force brutalizes its supposed protected citizens horrendously, and this the foundation of the Nationwide EndSars Protest.

This action propelled against the police brutality, mostly the Special Anti-Robbery Squad has been applauded and commended by various personalities in and outside the country.

In the course of the EndSars protest were seen major Nigerian celebrities and notable individuals coming out to show their support and solidarity with the youths as some of the have been a victim of circumstance in police brutality in one way or the other.

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Foreign celebrities and Nigerians oversee were not left out as they supported their Nigerians brothers and sisters in one accord.

The Endsars protest which started on the 7th of October, 2020 in Lagos Nigeria, called for the immediate disbandment of the officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad whose acronym is SARS as they do more harm than good; killing and brutalizing members of the country they are supposed to protect. But unfortunately, what started as a peaceful Endsars protest was hijacked by hoodlums turning the peaceful protest into violent, riot, mason, looting and damage of public and private properties.


With all these vital information given, below are the five (5) areas Nigerian Endsars protesters failed to pay much attention:

Food scarcity
Hike fuel price

1. Unemployment: This is one of the vital challenges facing the country ever since the 21st century began. Unemployment has caused several ordeals disastrous to the society, some which include internet fraud, kidnapping, human trafficking, pickpocket, and many more. If much focus is given to this, the rate of illegal activities will reduce to barest minimum and SARS will have less excuse to brutalize Nigerians.

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2. Leadership: Another major issue slowing down the progress of this nation is bad leadership, if this is resolved justice will be served appropriately as and when due.

3. Food scarcity: Food unavailability kills more than anything else. Protesters should have made this one of their major demands. People are dying due to unpaid salaries to those who were fortunate enough to get employed.

4. Insurgency: Even if SARS were dissolved forever, how about the security challenges faced on our roads and the Northern part of the country? People now move with fear of being killed once they step out of their various homes.

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5. Hike fuel price: This needs serious attention as well. Upon all the problems faced by Nigerians, they still find it difficult to move about their various activities due to high transport fare charges.

Although it’s a very good move by the Nigerian youths but more attention should be focused on the points listed above.
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