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End Our Fears Not Our Lives



End our fears

End our fears not our lives, Which is better? Will you prefer having a life filled with fears or you having no life at all.

End our fear

Which is better?

To have a life filled with fears or to have no life at all. Our boots seem to be laced with all sort of unfair options. Our plight is a sore tale not to be shared with a friend nor divulged to a foe. We are left to wail not because we failed but because they failed. Their daily gains have become our daily pains. We keep taking pills just to suppress the fullness of our emptiness all because they’ll do all it takes to be filled even if it means taking away all we have.

We are left to drown in the flood of our own requests and to even drink from the well of our reproach. Who are we to have a voice? They say. We are a nation without a definite history. Our future sold in exchange for the liquid Gold a long time ago. Our rights forfeited on the alter of the so called “democracy” that we never had.

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End our fear

Nothing hurts more than shouting, weeping and wailing never to be reckoned with. Nothing stings more than seeing your own brother die by the weapons of the very ones that are supposed to be a shield. Sleep they say is sweet after Victory. How about reminding ourselves that we sleep everyday on a bed soaked with the sweat of numerous defeats.

We have long lost the true meaning of patriotism not to talk of the few living patriotic leaders. All we have left are Chameleons, Wolves, Pigs and Goats living in one entity called THE GOVERNMENT.

To steer the wheel of a nation they say is easy. In fact, the easiest thing that any man like them could handle. Only to take over and never to be cautioned nor called to order. This thing called “Government” almost becoming an ancestral battle and mantle that should never be delivered willingly into the hands of another.

I wish I could tell more truth, I will when I have a chance and a voice that’ll be heard. Not a voice that’ll be killed, Not a voice that’ll be misinterpreted, Not a voice that’ll be silenced never to be heard again.

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Now, It behoves on us that our problems is not that we are underdeveloped but the fact that we were no where near a developed liberty. All we have stood to protect were mere tales and fables, Mere folklores and mystical nonsense wrapped up in beautiful covers by some superficial Heroes.

To think that we have actually celebrated Independence for over 60 yes is not only demeaning but rather discouraging. We have always been held hostage with the shackles of a bad governance anyways.

This is why we cry out! End our fears not our lives because even when we have a life, We still feed in fear. We at least need the fortune to choose whether to live in fear or to remain fearful while trying to live. Give us a chance to choose from the bad and the worst. All we seek is to live a life of liberty in our own land.

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We at The People of Nigeria are using this medium and this moment to call out the Government in listenning to the voice of the people.

We cry alout to the Government to do the needful and protect her Citizens,  it’s obvious that Nigerian youths voice out but the Government misinterpreted them and responded in the most cruel brutal way.

End our fears not our lives

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