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Education And Its Trademark In Our Society




Sixty percent of the world’s population have limited understanding when it comes to the totality of education.


Some of our old people believe you can only get educated if you are in a place where other students are gathered to learn (a school). Far from that mentality, education is not limited to a school or university neither is it limited to random or specific classes we take online.

In some African societies, only the male children go to school. The females do not have reason to learn new things as they would still end up taking care of the at home children. If you don’t go to school, you can never be educated. This is what society has made some of us hold on to. Another sense is the important of education, certification and qualification.

If you understood the importance of the certificate you go to classes and write series of exams for, you would do your best to get it. Due to the structure of education in Nigeria and other developing regions around the world, The younger generations are not interested in the educational system again. They are bored of having the same routine for most of the year.

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They are tired of coming to classes, listening to series of long and boring lectures and reading hard to pass series of exams. Nobody really cares about the knowledge gained, their own is to pass and go to the next level. The younger generation want to do fun things, they are tired of theory and sermons.

This is when you hear frequent references to Bill gates and other great men in the world,  the likes of “Bill Gate the Microsoft founded who was a school drop out and Aliko Dangote who was still in school when he started his business and yet he still became the richest man in Africa. I don’t need to be so engrossed in education to become a great person.” Other teens are devoted to ‘growing their talent on their own’ believe. These children always do their best to emphasize how much education was not too relevant in the life of these great men.

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I put it to you, for Bill Gates to get to where he is now, he had gone through series of education, for Dangoter to be the richest man in Africa, he had gone through series of education and for Rinaldo to be a five time world best player, he had gone through and is still going through series of education and personal trainings on and off the pitch. You go to classes in school, you are learning. You sit and watch a YouTube video on a particular task given to, you are learning.

You become an apprentice, learning and paying attention to details in a the things your master would teach you and all the tasks he would give, you are being educated. Education does not come down to one place(physical school or the university), it is vast and dynamic. As a sports person, you can educate yourself by showing up and taking part in training sessions with your coach and doing personal trainings to improve yourself ( it is also like reading your books to gain more knowledge).

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You can also be home schooled if you have the money. The certificate/qualification/satisfaction you would get after every season of learning cannot be overemphasized. That is your trademark. That is what can give you wider opportunities. It is not always about your technical skill, your qualification matters too. With it, you can sell yourself to the world without having to prove anything. Your qualification is just like your unspoken skill which can give you a name anywhere it goes, of you let it.

It is only the Almighty God that can let beautiful opportunities find their way to you, opportunities only needing physical prove without packaging. Education teaches you how to package. Be wise, don’t throw any opportunity you get to educate yourself. Make it worthwhile.

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