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Deep Thoughts On The Choices We Made




Without deeply solicited understanding of the human mind.


Different views on choices have been put out for other people to follow, most of which damage the true reality of choices and decision making.

Most people believe that a choice is the way you hit back when life hits you, making sure that you do not tamper with your morals and doing stuffs for the benefit of your ethics, reputation and the society at large, not minding the consequences on you.

When making a choice in our society, we have been made to understand that our morals and different religions come first, no matter the situation, forcing an effective change in the structure of your mind and leaving the person in a more confused state. Different people have different ways they grieve and handle tight situations. They also have different ways to feel better. We were all brought up in different homes, under normal or abnormal circumstances.

This standard of growth was where the foundations of our minds were created. When constructing a building, the organization and the finishing touches of the building are based on its foundation. The foundation is the power house. But, there are some interesting buildings that consist of twists and turns. These twist and turns depends on the body of the building for facilitation.

In essence, there are some situations where your foundation or upbringing does little to influence your choices. To handle these situations, you end up doing things you wouldn’t dare to do in normal circumstances. Let us sight an example. You grew up holding absolute morals in high esteem, you were taught never to physically fight or severely quarrel with someone, no matter what. You were taught to let things go. But, your innocent daughter was raped brutally, without mercy and you saw the guy that committed the horrendous act in a restaurant.

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What do you think you would do? Your moral and religious teachings tells you to let the guy go and allow the law to take its course. But, you are well aware that without concrete evidence, your daughter’s rapist would be walking free.

Your instincts tells you otherwise. It tells you to fight, it might even tell you to do anything to stop that guy from raping another, even if it means murder. You have a flashback of how distraught and helpless you saw your daughter when you went to the hospital and then you run towards the guy. In one moment, the guy is on the floor bleeding out from the multiple stab wounds you gave him. Then, it dawns on you.

You just killed someone! In your own case, the law takes its course fully and you are sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. Yes, you stop evil from continuing, you saved the lived of the other girls in the community, but, you saved them by paying with your freedom. It could have gone worse and you would have been given the death penalty. That way, you would have saved other people with your life.

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Your loved ones come to visit you in the prison and you see your daughter there. No, they are all blaming you for being stupid, nobody understands the angle you are coming from. They don’t see the reason why you should attack your daughter’s rapist. In their hearts, that is not how they trained you. They trained you to have high moral standards, they trained you to let go. Why didn’t you let this one go? You just seat there and stare at them, knowing you might lose them forever, knowing that they may not come to visit you again.

They are looking at you like you are a stranger, like they don’t know the person on the other end. Your parents do not know how you became a monster, how you could kill somebody. The truth is that they will never understand your dilemma. Your instincts told you to do everything to prevent that occurrence from happening again and you followed it.

Now, drug dealers pick random people, people that know have loved ones in critical conditions and would do anything to help them. They go to meet these random young persons and cajole them to join the business, not giving them much of a choice. Some dealers might even threaten their victims. This is my take. You only make a choice when there are positive options. I believe a person does not have a choice when both options have dire consequences.

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You don’t have a choice when you have to sacrifice something precious. You don’t have a choice when every option given ruins your life and dooms your existence. You have got to do what you have to do, no matter the situation. Follow your heart. Most times, real life and difficult choices do not consider moral and religious upbringing.

The only situations you can consider are the ones with better options.
Choices are deep, spiritual and instinctive. It’s about you. If you do that thing, would your conscience be cleared? Would carrying drugs for a dealer to avoid your husband’s death mess up your life? If you are caught with drugs, you would be thrown into prison and if you don’t carry them, your husband would be dead. Either way, your life would be ruined. Which is easier? Is there really a choice here?

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