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Dealing With A Self Centered Partner



Self centered partner

Self centered partner is quite a very critical issue to handle in a relationship

Self centered partner

Many people have missed their direction all in the name of love and overlooked the power of self centeredness in their partner while this is a vital role to play in relationships, because it has a greater harm in our life than the eyes can see.

Self centeredness is not an easy task to deal with either in a man or a woman’s life; it plays a more dangerous game in human life than the passion we feel in a relationship. It is a taboo to both genders in a relationship, because once you are entangled in a partner with this flaw; it becomes a lifetime struggle to battle with.

Imagine a man who cares so much about himself to the detriment of the other partner’s feeling, he would do everything to take care of himself first before considering what happens to his woman. In a case like this, such a man do not know if his partner is dying at a point in time, because while the partner is in pain, he is seriously carried away with his personal worries and pain, and would be expecting to get comfort from his partner whom at the same time is experiencing a deeper pain than he is going through at that particular point in time.

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All that matters to that man at that time is how to get his worries solved, he do not care of the pain or worries that the partner is going through that moment because that moment he is blind folded to his own worries and could do anything to find a solution. Even if he is called to attention about his partner who is dying at that particular, he would count it as less important, as long as he is still dangling with his own personal worries or pain.

This attitude is a bad approach to a successful relationship, it is a clear sign that such partner will never be there for you when you most needed their presence. It is a trait that could reflect in the life of both genders during relationship, it is not a restricted phenomenon amongst people, so I am not being biased towards this as a gender issue.

Many relationships has gone half way with no successful end because of this unhealthy attitude in both genders; and even in history today it is still a common mistake amongst young lovers in relationship, who tends to be blind folded towards this flaw despite the fact that it is clearly spelt out to them on their face. If a partner is demonstrating a self centered attitude, there is definitely going to be an unbalanced situation in that so called relationship, because one person will be found at unbalance, trying to make the relationship work, at the end of the day, every effort seems to be futile as everything ended up to be a burden on a particular partner’s head.

At that point, it is no more a relationship, but SLAVERY. If love is quoted that way, then the word Relationship is a taboo and does not worth it any more. If you should close your eyes with the hope that such mentality in your partner would come to an end some day, then you are digging tour grave slowly by yourself. Do not expect a third party to come running down to render you help, when you finally settle down with a partner with such flaw of self centered attitude.

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Life is a phase and nothing remains permanent, those people that you find giving you one good advice at a point in time will not be there to continue giving you the advice for the rest of your life, because they have given you best they could, trying to make you see sense in life, but you decided to show deaf hears and follow your own part.

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Remember, a word is enough for the wise; you have enough chance and opportunity to turn back from that relationship, when every attitude from your partner spells out ‘ A No Go Zone’, but you foolishly close your eyes and allow love to blind fold you. Every partner wants a good relationship ahead of them, which is why you look very well and think deeply before settling down with a partner, remember, it is a life time affair.

Nobody is perfect in life though, this is true, but at the same time, you should know what you want out of life, a life spent blissfully is better than a life spent in pain and sorrow. Settle down wisely, so as to avoid a mistake of a life time.  Feel free to share this

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