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COVID-19: Lessons Every Nigerian Political Leader Should Learn





The Covid-19 pandemic which started in China in the year 2019 had a worldwide outbreak that shocked the world heavily and turned things around unimaginably.

Most powerful countries in the world are not left out in this as they became “powerless” despite having the best health care facilities. These countries include; the United States of America, Russia, Saudi Arabia to mention but a few.

In Africa, the rate of estimated rate of infection of the viral pandemic was high but the actual outbreak had minimal effect even though we had health care facilities not up to par. Death cases of Covid-19 in Nigeria were less than 1300 in the year 2020 as little lives were lost.

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Although there were cases of people who got infected and later recovered but some political leaders who often seek medical attention from world class health care facilities abroad could not move an inch out of the country as the whole world was in lockdown and movement from one country to another was restricted.

Below are the Nigerian political leaders who died of covid-19 in year 2020


Abba Kyari: The Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari who died of complications from Coron Virus on the 17th of April, 2020 was a core decision maker and strong pillar in the government of the president.

Although he was not said to have developed any form of illness, but as we all know that mostly all political leaders in this country travel abroad for medical services but the global lockdown revealed there secret of how they failed to equip the Nigerian hospitals making our medical doctors seem unprofessional and incompetent at times.

Abiola Ajimobi: Prequel to his death he was a former governor of Oyo State.

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Although his death came as a shock to everyone in the country most especially the citizen of Oyo State but they were not so moved as he was someone who rule with chalantly mostly to the university undergraduates of LAUTECH (a state university under his government)

Wahab Adegbenro: Adegbenro was the commissioner for health in Ondo State (one of the states in south west Nigeria) before his demise.

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He was said to have been on a selfless duty in the treatment of sick patients in his own hospital, although he was said to have an undisclosed illness before his death.

In this year 2021, it is very important for government to swing into the purchase of qualitative health care facilities & equipment as 2020 has really taught us a great lesson.

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