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The Choice We Made In Relationship




Having a relationship is quite deeper than what it sounds like.


Many people dabble into a relationship without thinking of what comes next. It can be romantic, yes we know, but the same way it is romantic, is also the same way it goes sour when the romantic sensation suddenly ends.

Relationship disaster does not affect a particular age group of people, but it goes round and round to every individual in the gender world, be you young or old, tall or short, beautiful or ugly white or black, fat or thin, or whatever!.  I could go on and on and on none stop, these attributes do not have any important role to play in a relationship, neither does it affect the outcome of a relationship whether good or bad.B efore embarking on the journey of love in a relationship, the first important thing is choice.


That handsome young guy sets out in search of a lovebird, before he approaches that lady, she must have an attributes that he likes in a woman and this is when the power of ATTRACTION comes in. The same feeling goes to the female gender. She also has what attracts her in a man. Once this first step is missed in a relationship, that relationship is bound to have a problem.

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Your philosophy about life must rhyme. I am not saying it is mandatory to have a partner with same dreams, No, having the same dream about what you want to be in life, does not answer the question, but partner with same passion has every probability of enjoying a blissful relationship.

Your mindset tends to drive towards the same pool of reasoning and understanding when you have the same passion about life; your career may differ but with same passion in what your philosophy about life is, your relationship springs forth and blossom into the next level as each day passes by. I know of somebody for instance, he loves and gets attracted to the opposite sex with a beautiful BLACK SKIN.

The black skin drives him crazy so much that he could forget whatever he is doing at that particular point in time. But getting closer to knowing that person when he finds out that the level of intelligence is too low for his person, he quickly and respectfully decline from that relationship. Despite his passion for a black skin lady, there is still a deeper drive that floats within him.

The same desire floats inside the female gender too. Some ladies love a tall and handsome man to be their Romeo, and once a man with such attributes comes into their life, they quickly grab it like there is no tomorrow. Even when the man has some funny characters that do not suits their taste, they blindly and foolishly continue with the relationship, and turn deaf hears to the warning from friends and concerned people around them. But a wise lady who wants her relationship to end well, try to see if the man can change from an awful character, but having tried and no changes seem to come, she quietly leaves the relationship.

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I personally do not believe in suffering and smiling. A man beater cannot appear a changed leaf the following day. When the relationship is still young and fresh a partner definitely displays all the traits in him or her. A man beater, who gets angry at a slightest argument and ends up beating up the girlfriend, is nothing but an animal in a man’s skin. He cannot change. Same way a lady that builds a relationship under the umbrella of lies and deceit is difficult to come from that shell.

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Any man that gets involved with such person lives to regret the relationship at the long run.
So, choice has a great part to play when embarking on a relationship. The choice of partner you get yourself engaged with determines how far the relationship will go. Take a right decision and weigh it thoroughly before settling down in a relationship. The choice you make today determines the future of your relationship. Remember, make a right choice.

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