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3 Chelsea Mistakes That Man City Could Capitalize On To Win The Champions League



Champions League

Chelsea slump to a 2-1 loss to Aston Villa in a game they must win in other to secure a Champions League Spot next season, but they qualified for the top four because of Tottenham’s 4-2 Victory over Leicester City that see Leicester City miss out on the top four and Chelsea qualifying with just one points

But they are some mistakes Chelsea made that Manchester City can capitalize on to win the Champions League on Saturday

Here are the mistakes

#1. Pressure on Jorginho

Jorginho has been a major suspect for Chelsea this season considering the mistakes he has made in the past as we see in the 0-1 home loss to Arsenal, Manchester City could use him buy piling pressure on him because of the mistakes he has made in the past

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#2. Azpellescueta

Ceaser Azpellescueta received a red card in Chelsea’s 2-1 loss to Aston Villa Because of Jack Grealish threat, Pep might use Phil Foden as the player to put pressure on Azpellescueta in other to commit fouls and possibly received a red card.

#3. The forward inability to score goals

Chelsea’s forward as struggled in front of goal ad we can see In the game against Aston Villa, Manchester City might take advantage of that by been focused most expecially Timo Werner who is always cut off side all the time.

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