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Can Atiku and Peter Obi keep The Igbos Dream Alive in 2023?



Peter obi

With the youth waving the flag of change, and hoping to vote out every political leaders who has been in politics betwen 1960-2019, this seems to be posting a big threat for the Igbo’s Presidency dream while this brought us to the three questions below

Peter Obi

  • Can Atiku and Peter Obi keep The Igbos Dream Alive in 2023
  • Wil Atiku Dream be cut shot ?
  • Do you think Peter Obi can still make the long time dream a reality for the igbo’s?

It can be recalled that the last time an igbo men stood as the number one position in the civilian government was during the second Republic (1979-1983) and this prove why the igbo’s are desperately need the top political position in the country. Now I repeat the question; Do you think Peter Obi can break this limit?

It is no more a news that since Nigeria return to civilian government in 1999, none of the igbos has ever held the position of President or Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, even though an Igbo occupied the position of Senate President for many years and likewise head of some National Agencies, mostly during Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo regime. But attaining the Presidency position remain a dream for every Igbo’s in this civilian governmemt.

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When The Igbo’s Dream seems To Be Alive

Early 2018, Atiku Abubakar of the People Democratic Party (PDP) selected the former Anambra State Governor “Peter Obi” to be his presidential running mate in the election which took place in April 2019, although the election didn’t went in there favour but there’s this excitement that happend in the south east and all part of Igbo’s empire.

Peter Obi

The annoucement of Peter Obi as the People Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential running mate sparked unlimited and endless joy throughout the Igboland, where many people uploading dancing videos across all social media platform, people taken free bear in bear parlours and many more, this happened across all ignolanf most especially Anambra State and the South East in general.

Can The Igbos Dream Be Revive ?

The Igbos believes Atiku running mate “Peter Obi” would be the Long-sought President of Igbo Kingdom, this might be possible only if Atiku Abubakar was eleceted as the Presidentof Nigeria.

However it is so unfortunate that President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressive Party (APC) Steal what should have been the Life Victory of the Igbo’s People
With the Nigeria youths set to take over all the mantle of power govern the country in 2023, it’s obvious that the igbo’s might not have the opportunity of ruling as the country in this decade why all this can only happen if the Nigeria Youths and masses keeps to their desire and ambition of voting out all long time politicians as to put and end to Bad Governance in the country.

Atiku Abubakar on the other hand has been using social media to his personal advantage by creating impact and make some hidden/secret friendship with some Nigeria youths and celebrities. Although no one know his intention towards all thisz but yet as a fellow Nigerian we can all sense what that mean.

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The youths crying in one voice to put an end to bad governance with the call of End SARS and one can sense what that means, many of this youth believe non of PDP and APC should be allow to return to power after the 2023 election as these two party will never prove a better governance for the people of Nigeria.

What will be the fate of the Igbo’s if the youth evebtually hold on to the highest seat in the country?


Will Peter Obi Dream remain active and healthy ?

Let’s here your view in the comment section if any.

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