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Bulky Curriculum Promotes Academic Excellence



Bulky Curriculum

Personally, I don’t think everybody was born to excel academically.

Bulky Curriculum

Society has made its inhabitants succumb to what pleases it’s system. In an academical setting, we are forced to go to school, sit down and learn in class, get good grades and graduate with flying colours.

The brain is a complex system, a very complex one. It comprises of many parts, connected to the body system required for different functions. Let’s focus on the part that works with processing whatever we learn or read.

The effects of bulky curriculum should be placed in categories, which would still lead to havoc, if it persists.

The society is of the opinion that if we put our mind to reading and learning, no matter how bulky, we would be able to process and digest most of the information we get. But no, I don’t agree because the society, our parents and what people would say has imposed reading on students. They have to read so that they can get good grades, as their parents and loved ones would be proud. When is the society going to let us fulfil our different destinies.

So many rules are guiding students in the society, even the ones that are unnecessary. Our parents and authorities should understand that bulky curriculum affect different students in different ways in terms of academic excellence. Let’s talk about the type of student that can only process a small amount of information in a particular period of time (the slow grabbers). Students have different ways of processing information. For the slow grabbers, information has to be explained over and over again before it is digested, so, any other information given which has not undergone this process at that particular time is wasted.

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When there is bulky information or curriculum, there is limited time to process all the information according to the pace of the brain, so, academic excellence is unrealistic. Imagine working mathematics for two hours, as a student in the morning and then English, immediately after the maths to save time. After fifteen minutes breaks, your government teacher walks into the class and starts teaching a political topic to you for two hours and lastly, you work economics, according to the school’s time table.

You would find out that your brain is already exhausted from storing and processing information to your understanding in the middle of the English class, so, you were only able to understand a little information from what you learnt at the beginning of the English class. For every other class after the English class, you were physically in class, but your brain was numb, that is, you weren’t able to process any more information.

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Now, every student, especially slow grabbers should be given the chance to stretch at intervals in every class, so as to keep their brain active to be able to process any important information they can get.

Furthermore, some students stick to what they are thought in class, that is, every little information they can get from listening to their teachers sticks better.

Others need to revise what their teacher has taught them to understand better while the rest do not grab anything from their classes. They prefer to go back home and take their time to read their notes or textbooks, that’s when they would understand what their teacher was talking about. Before society mounts the pressure of a bulky curriculum on schools, they should think of the students and their abilities.

Bulky curriculum doesn’t make someone a genius neither doesn’t make your student a star or a person of too much information. It only overworks the brain, causing it to process more information than it’s capacity In a particular period of time.

In our secondary schools and university, we hear and see cases of students with different kind of weird behaviours gotten from overworking the brain. We see cases of students who talk to themselves about topics in their academic scheme abnormally.

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I also heard of the professor that goes to class without shoes, talking chemical equations to himself. The brain is also something that needs maintenance, that’s why you feel dizzy when you don’t maintain it. The brain needs water and sugar to process information and body languages of the body, talk more of the ones coming from outside of the body. The brains also needs rest so that one of its part would not malfunction. Let everyone learn at their own pace or the pace of the majority.

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After all, each and everyone has their particular purpose to establish here on earth. Stressing the brain with too much information on a particular period of time would only cause havoc, so, bulky curriculum does not promote academic excellence, even if you are a genius.

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