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The Problem of Nigeris is Because People Are Being Recruited Base on Sentiment – Peter Obi



Peter Obi

Foemer Governor of Anambra State and the 2019 PDP Presidential running mate, Peter Obi in his statememt expressed his reason why Nigeria isn’t working, he said Nigeria is not working beacuse people only recruit base on sentiment rather than on merit.

Peter Obi stated this on Wednesday evening during the commission of the Constructed Internal Road Phase 2 in Isiokpo, Ikwere Local Government, Rivers State, where he joined Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State.

The former Governor of Anambra state expressed that many offices in Nigeria are loaded with people base on sentiments, neglecting the merit standard and this is affecting the development of our Country negatively.

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Peter Obi

“The only reason it seems that Nigeria is not working is beacuse people have been recruiting based on sentiments” Peter Obi huge that this system must stop for us to witness a better Nigeria.

He Noted that;
If the local government chairman, governor, vice president or even the president have to recuits, then it must be on capacity and copetence, sentiment is not viable and we need to stop that now

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