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APC vs PDP And What To Expect in 2023




APC vs PDP in 2023, Here Are What To Expect


While the 2023 general election is still miles away and predicting what will happen when it comes may prove to be difficult, one can speculate by feeding through the events of what is currently happening in some past precedents in Nigerian politics.

And except there is a significant change in the political setting of Nigeria before 2023 general election, the race for most of the political seats including the presidential successor is most likely to be won by either APC or PDP, the two political powerhouse of Nigerian political sphere. With that in mind, these are the possible expectations of what Nigerians should look forward to concerning the two parties.

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APC To Field Tinubu as Presidential Candidate


It is no longer news that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos State is nursing an ambition of becoming the president of the country and with his stake as one of the significant top members of the party, it is almost certain that Jagaban will clinch the ticket as the party’s presidential flag bearer.

It may seem odd and unethical considering his reputation as a godfather and manipulative overseer of Lagos State politics who was alleged to have a hand in ordering soldiers who shot at #EndSars protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate on 20th of October 2020, history has taught us that one’s political past doesn’t mean much in this part of the world when it comes to choosing leaders.

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PDP To Pick A Candidate From The North Yet Again As It’s Presidential Flag Bearer


In trying to warm their way into the hearts of the northern electorate who are the majority, PDP will most likely have a presidential flag bearer coming from the North again. Even though the South Eastern part of the country are claiming that it is their turn to produce a presidential candidate for PDP, their ambitions will most certainly be overlooked by the party in favour of the Northern counterparts who hold more voting power. This will be the case as they seek to return as the ruling party after being dethroned in 2015 and held back again in 2019.

Playing the role of opposition party to the APC is not a familiar ground to the PDP and so they will do what they’ll deem the best strategy in seeing that they return to being the ruling party and what way to do that than to please the northern electorates by fielding a candidate from the North in order to get the their votes.

It Will Be A Race Of Which Party Will Outwit The Other, to put it in a euphemise sentence, it will not be a free and fair election.

Both parties, understandably desperate for power, will go to any length to consolidate their stand of holding on to power and acquiring new political territories. From the lowest office to the presidential seat, Nigerians will witness a power tussle that will see both parties try to outwit the other in every possible way, not minding the moral justification of those actions taken.

A Third Party Opposition That Means Business Will Emerge

While the political parties in Nigeria that contested the 2019 presidential seat were 73, Nigerians and the entire electorate knew that it was a race between two parties; the APC and the PDP. This may not be the case anymore as Nigerians, judging from recent events in the country, are tired of those two parties and are in need of a strong party that will not only challenge the status quo but also bring positive difference to the political table, seen as the two main parties are at best a mere platform where the same politicians can switch to and fro whenever they deem fit.

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It remains to be seen though, whether that strong third opposition party will come from a youthful platform where the youths will stand to launch their bid for the presidential seat or through a merger of two or more already existing parties. Whichever way it chooses to emerge, a strong opposition party that will give the APC and the PDP a run for their money is oncoming.

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