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Annus Mirabilis (The Year of Joy) or Annus Horribilis (The Year of Horror)




Annus Mirabilis

Annus Mirabilis or Annus Horribilis. My consciousness has succeeded not to drag anyone into religion propaganda, that may be the result of my background, or probably exposure.

If in a time like this, that our country (Nigeria) and the whole world is addressing insurgency, and we at micro level can’t see anything good in other people ways of life ,then we should all prepare to purchase weapons and not the Holy books.

Historian assert that Islam entered Yoruba land in the 14th century through itinerant traders from Mali peacefully not through war and bloodshed, otherwise called Jihad, while Christianity peacefully penetrated Yoruba land in 19th century.

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Before 14th century, what was the religion of your forefathers?

Will they make heaven or hell ?

We still see your brethren that engage in Traditional ways of worshipping, you coming on social media fooling and indirectly creating terrorism ideologies is irrational, you need to convert all your families first to show how serious you are.

Simple ideologies about religion doctrine metamorphose into casualties perpetuated by Boko Haram, which has made year 2020 Annus Horribilis. We’re yet to settle that. Corona Virus pandemic also claimed and still claiming lives in thousands, our religiousity yet to provide adequate vaccine to get rid of it.

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You propagating if Jesus Christ celebrated his birthday on Christmas day, not only shown the state of your ethnocentrism but also shows that you are one of terrorists in disguise.

Annus Mirabilis

Annus Mirabilis

For the sake of peace, why can’t you let everyone follows what they belief without fear. It’s not a must to create unnecessary popularity on social media while your family still engage in Oro, Agemo masquerade, Eluku, and other Traditional religious practice (Apology to core Yoruba Traditionalist).

The holy book of Nigerian (1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended, Sec. 38 vs 1) creates room for freedom of religion and not freedom from religion.

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Religion is personal, the Yoruba is captured Ina saying: “Esin baba ko gbomola”. Meaning: a father’s faith doesn’t guarantee salvation for his child.

Let’s maintain religious tolerance for peace to reign.

Mabinuori, F. Adekoya TMG.
Sociology Dept, Lagos State University

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