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ENDSARS: The Aftermath Of the Endsars Protest In Nigeria.




After years of hardship, pains, sufferings, extreme poverty and Sars/Police brutality in Nigeria, built up anger and rage of killings and torture of innocent lives brought our voices up.


In the month of October 2020, the Nigerian youths took to the streets to make their voices heard and to express their anger, in regards to the nonchalance of the Nigerian government on the part of police brutality.

Since Nigerian gained independence, the political system of the country has been partial on how it treats people, giving a certain portion of power to only the people in power, amidst tribalism, making them have the major rule over the citizens.

In the 1990s, the popular afro beat sensation, Fela Anikulapo Kuti was a major critic of the Nigerian political system. He tried to bring it to the notice of the Nigerian citizens, trying to engage and pass a message through his songs and performances. I want to believe that the Nigerian citizens at that time, may have gotten the message, but, were scared to pursue it or come out to say anything because the Nigerian political system was still coming in and out of dictatorship.


At that time, many Nigerian lost their lives and were not free to express themselves. Freedom was really limited. Fela died while still trying to bring the domination of the ills of the Nigerian political system to the understanding of the Nigerian citizens. Even after he died, Nigerians still did not seem to understand exactly what he was driving at.

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The people the Nigerian citizens have elected to lead have frequently abused the power bestowed on them and have failed in the leadership of the people. They have constantly looted billions of the money that is supposed to be use to better the country for their greedy personal purposes. Carting large amounts abroad to acquire companies and properties in their names.

In 2020, a long time after Fela died, Nigeria is still faced with extreme poverty and bad governance. Only that it has been turned into a manipulative, pathetic and sinister facade of of a democratic leadership. The citizens of this seemingly blessed country have been made to believe that they cannot come out of poverty, no matter how hard they try. That was a message clearly passed on to the Nigerian youths by the sadistic brutality of the police.

Over the past years of the democratic leadership in Nigeria, the system has taken it upon itself to protect whosoever is working for the government or whatsoever is coming from the governments, no matter how evil or cruel. Many evil secrets concerning the security system and the government at large in Nigeria were kept locked up.


But in the past four years, there has been a surge in the destruction of Innocent lives by the Nigerian police, with a specific unit, the Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) taking a special place in the numerous perpetrations of this cold blooded act. So, in the month of October 2020, the Nigerian youths took to the streets to raise their voice against police brutality, organising, contributing and funding in case of any emergency during the protest.

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It started out as a peaceful protest, just walking and chanting on the streets and then, the protests started disrupting normal activities, especially the adults that were the ones providing for their families because more youths joined the protest, covering the major roads and even the minor ones.

Maybe, these adults relying on the daily income they got couldn’t get more money to feed their families again because indigenous people started appealing to the government to talk to the youths so that they could leave the road. But, that only brought more anger as police officers were beaten up and police stations were burnt down. Due to this, the government placed a curfew in Lagos state to curb the imminent violence.

Things took a worse turn when the protesters defiled the curfew and still gathered to protest peacefully and military men went to their midst and shot at them while they were holding the Nigerian flag and singing the national anthem. Nigerian youths have not been the same since then. We have seen the escalation of violence, torching of government and public properties and the torture of government officials. We have also seen destruction of private properties.

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Anyway, the point is the way forward. After the tragedy of the ENDSARS protest, what would Nigerian youths do? Their minds would never be the same again as they are seeking to remove the present administration of government and end bad governance totally.

Some youths are waiting til 2023 to vote for someone that is competent and accountable enough to lead a great and populated nation like Nigeria. Though this incident has increased the nonchalance of some youths with regards to the political aspect of Nigeria, some would be seeking to make amends for their oncoming generation. The future ones cannot suffer like we did. We want a new Nigeria, we want a place were the future generation would see a future, where they would not need to run to find greener pasture, where our voice would be heard and our demands would be met.

As we gradually return to our normal activities, the youths are lying in wait, hoping that with their voter’s card in 2023, they would do their best to make things right and elect good leaders in the country.

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