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Adieu To A Great Football Legend (PAOLO ROSSI)



Paolo Rossi

The world mourn the sudden passing away of a great football legend; Paolo Rossi, who died of an incurable disease which was claimed to have been battling his health for a very long time.

Paolo Rossi

The loss of this great footballer is a big blow to the life of many fans of football who would always remember him in their memory, not because of his achievement nor prowess, but for his great impact in the minds of people who look up to him as a hero and a role model.

Paolo Rossi, born in Prato, Tuscany in Italy, was known to have played all his entire life as a renowned footballer in Italy. Against all odds, he showed himself worthy of emulation in the history of football, not only in his country, Italy, but in the global world.

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Paolo Rossi
The late Paolo success started when he won goals against the Brazilian football teams, and headed further to compete against Poland team which came out a success for him and his team. This, according to sources was a sign of a good future in football for him, and he did not stop there, but followed his dreams.

The road to stardom started for him, when he made three golden goals against their opponent, West Germany and won back the glory of the World cup for the first time in Italy since the year 1938.

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Paolo Rossi

Amongst other footballer during his time, Paolo Rossi outstanding ground still remain unforgettable as the world records his great effort during the 1978 World cup football in Argentina, where he scored three goals to the disappointment of the opponent team.

Fans of the late footballer seem to remember him most for his great works during the 1982 football match against Brazil; which according to them, was the greatest achievement that lingers on forever in their minds. Many wished to see the fall of the Brazilian league who has been claiming championship for a very long time, and Paolo Rossi answered the prayer that point in time.

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Adieu, Paolo Rossi, your memory and heroic deeds will continue to live in the heart of your fans and loved ones. Rest in Peace.

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