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Five Skills You Can Acquire During Your Stay At Home




Most of us have lots of free time this period. Most people have lost their jobs, the others cannot even get something tangible to do.

I will suggest you take advantage of this period to choose to either waste it or invest it in something tangible skills, something productive, like a skill because when this businesses come back fully and things go back to the usual, you would be prepared to explore new opportunities.

Businesses in Nigeria and  the world at large have taken turns for the worse. The things that would allow you go through this opportunities are your skills if they meet this four criteria:

  • A skill set that has an immediate impact on your career or business.
  • Not a skill that takes years to see results. Something practical.
  • One that you don’t need to go to school for. You can learn informally
  • One that you could learn from the comfort of your home. You don’t need a physical location.
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There are five skills that meet this criteria which you should learn during your stay at home.



Coding skills: programmers, developers and software engineers would always be in demand especially with the recent coronavirus spike. This is the second wave of the deadly pandemic and most businesses have crumbled.

At a time like this, many people would want to start their own business on a small scale or a large one. Since physical contact is limited, Most transactions are going to be digital so, programmers would surely be needed at this time, as they would want to virtualize business meetings. Things have changed, people are restructuring their businesses. The pandemic just quickened the process.

Digital Marketing


Digital marketing skills: More companies are now selling stuffs online. During and after lockdown in thriving areas of the world, it becomes a necessity. More people just want to sell on the internet. If you learn how to generate traffic and know how to structure a website, you would be on high demand.

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Closing skills: The ability to close product or services to sell the online is valuable. Companies are seriously looking at their sales division. They want to see how much you can bring to the table. They want to sell their products over the phone, so they are willing to pay hefty commissions if you can close their product. They need revenue and they need sales persons.

Project Managing


Project managing skills: Due to the fact that more companies would want to work and spread remotely, there are many activities that would go on which would indicate the need for project managers. People who are able to handle and manage projects and get stuffs done with various management complexity.

Those who can work under pressure. Those who can work without needing offices. You would be working across a network with various team members to accomplish a goal. This is a highly needed skill. Most entrepreneur cannot handle everything alone as they also have their lives to live, so this skill is very valuable too.

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Copy writing skills: Every single social media post, every email, every ads learning page, etc are from copywriters. As an entrepreneur or a standing company, your organization would need to advertise your product or services.

Therefore, companies that do advertising and content marketing would always need copywriters. They would need someone to write their scripts,their social media post for any online marketing. It is sustainable, durable and transferrable.

All of these digital skills are needed to aid businesses and help them thrive, so, acquiring them puts you on high demand. You would not lack money to take care of yourself and would you would have the skills to sustain you for a long time and even help you to start your own business.

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