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CALABAR CARNIVAL: 5 Facts About The Glamorous Cultural Event




Ask a Nigerian to compile a list of very notable cultural events in the country and Calabar Carnival will most likely be up there among the first five events on the list.

Calabar carnival


Tagged the “largest African street party”, the carnival was established in 2004 by the then governor of Cross Rivers, Donald Duke in a view of boosting tourism in the state as well as improving local economy while also showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the state. It is safe to say that his vision is a huge success.

From the colorful outfits to the genuine joy on the faces of participants and spectators of the event, Calabar Carnival is an event you should consider attending. And if you’re kin on finding out more about the festival, here are five major facts to know about the cultural event.

The Event Runs Through A Whole Month.

While most cultural festivals in Nigeria takes a few days before it is over, the Calabar Carnival is on a level of its own. Popularly known to hold in the month of December, the festival starts on the first day of the month and concludes on the 31st December with a new year’s eve fireworks display. In between these two dates, is a colourful and a fun filled display of African culture.

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It Is Open To All And Sundry

It does not matter which part of the world you may be coming from, those who wish to participate in the carnival only have to transport themselves into the city and have fun for the entire duration that the carnival is meant to last. Since its inception, a high number of visitors from many parts of the world have come to witness the glamorous event.


Live Music Performance From Popular Artists

This category brings you a live performance from featured musicians invited to the carnival. In the past events, international artists like Lucky Dube, Nelly, Kirk Franklin and a few others have graced the carnival’s stage. In the same way, popular Nigerian artists have also performed at the carnival, they include artists like 2baba, Psquare and so on. If you’re a fan of music, then it is a guarantee that you’ll be entertained in the Calabar Carnival.

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Over 50 Thousand People Participate In The Carnival Parade.

The parade, consisting of thousands of custumed participants hit the streets of Calabar with DJs and live musicians contributing melodious sounds in the background. This parade which is a 12 kilometer route across Calabar is made up of different bands with their unique colours. While 12 kilometres may sound like a pretty long walk, the entertainment and the fun you get during the parade will sure take your mind off the distance and you’ll just find yourself relishing every moment and wishing that it doesn’t stop.

A Treat To Different African Food Delicacies.

This one is for the foodies with adventurous appetites. In the African Food Expo sub-category of the carnival, different kinds of African delicacies are put on display for people to have a taste. Here, there is an opportunity to taste meals that you might not have eaten or even seen before. The overpowering aroma of the several exotic foods from across the continent is sure to get you excited.

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Calabar carnival

The Calabar Carnival is everything and more. The event has successfully emerged to be a platform of displaying the rich cultural heritage of not just that of the Calabar people, but also of Nigeria and Africa at large. If your account balance agrees with you and wish to experience a full show of culture and fun, then the Calabar Carnival is the event to go.

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