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5 No Capital Business Ideas To Start Making $1000 Per Month [2021 Checklists]




Today, there are many business ideas you can start with a little capital.

While most of them require you to have some skills up your sleeves, others can be done with little or no skills at your disposal. It is very understandable that many people want to start at a very low scale by testing the potentials of the industry they want to venture into.

While this is a very good strategy it is advisable you know what went well and didn’t go down well at the early stage of starting your business. Below I have compiled a list of some business ideas that are in trend which you can venture into with a little or no capital:

1. Livestock Farming


This is a very old and growing industry that you can venture in to start making money from the beginning of year 2021. While livestock farming is general in terms of operation, it is advisable you niche down. Some niches you can specialize in include, poultry, cattle grazing, fish farming and many more. To succeed in this business it is a important you stay dedicated and committed as you will be dealing with animals that are not easy to control. It is a very good business most expectially if you are going into poultry production.

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2. Exportation of agricultural products


Nigeria is blessed with so many versatile agricultural products that can be exported overseas for money. For instance, products such as Groundnut, Cocoa, Palm produce, Mango, oil are in high demand. When you ship your products abroad, you are able to sell more than the normal price in your home country. That’s more profits and income for you. If you venture into this field, there are lot of profits you will make exporting goods to neighboring States; near and far away

3. Tailoring


Fashion and beauty is the latest trend of the century. There is always someone out there who want to sew Ankara, Natives, Gowns and the likes. Also, school uniforms are in high demands. You can be given a contract to help sew uniforms for schools. For instance, imagine sewing for more than ten schools. Aside that, there are weekends you need to sew Owanbe Ankara for customers. So, there are lot of opportunities for you out there for you to tap into. Just be creative and be focus.

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4. Starting a writing company


For this job, you don’t have to be a professional writer to start your own writing business. Just the basic understanding of English grammar and expression is all you need to start your own writing company from anywhere you are. If this is your first time, you can go freelance and search for clients who need help writing for their website or blogs. Then, when you become skillfull and have got an attractive portfolio then you may go ahead to start your own writing company. Patience is very important in succeeding in this business. You can click to see this post for guild

5. Mini Importation

Mini Importation is another good business idea that involves buying cheap clothings and products from outside the country and shipping them down to your own country. For instance, China allows for cheap products. You can visit their online store to buy and get it shipped to Nigeria. Most people who had venture into this business have recorded a lot of success stories.

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Finally, these business ideas listed above are just a tip of the iceberg. There are still many more business ideas out there waiting for you to tap into them. But to be successful in any of the above listed business ideas, you must stay true and dedicate your energy and have some extra skills. Only by doing all that you will see amazing and good results. Remember to hit the Like and follow button to get more business and money is ideas.

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