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3 Steps To Take Charge Of Your Career




Building a long term career is quite a difficult task.


The ups and downs are inevitable, as they are influenced by the employers, economy and the decisions we make throughout our life. The economy as we have it is not something we can control as we like although we can influence it but this is not always possible. What is within your power of control are the decisions you make yourself.

Through thoughtful choices, you can take charge of your own career in the most impactful and meaningful ways. When you do this, you are more likely to be in control of your own future. For that, you must focus on the three aspects below:

1. Keep Developing and Learning Skills

By developing your knowledge, it is one of the biggest keys to success in Life. This is not only smart, but very necessary. For better or for worse, the skills you learn at school or early in your career often lose their importance after a few years.

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The good news here is that, it’s easier to keep up with the skills you need to be successful, no matter what your career goals may be. Over the years employers are offering employees online learning opportunities to step up their abilities and skills. As well, the same types of learning contents abound on the internet, and most of them are free to access. You need to dentify the skills you have and the ones you need currently and then dive into them.

2. Create a network of people

Networking which involves much more than greeting half the world at every social events is as much about helping others just as you will do for yourself. With about more than 200 million people from around the globe working in almost every industry imaginable, LinkedIn is a great place to start meeting and connecting with others in your industry or niche. To be effective on the platform it’s worth joining groups on topics that interest you as well as asking experts questions, and offering help to others in needs.

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Also, you should as well network in your place of work. By doing that you will establish key contacts with people at high places who can help you take the next steps in your choosen career.

3. Be Persistent, Realistic and Patient.

Even if you graduate with a first class in your chosen discipline, you most likely won’t be the next vice president in your second job after college. Also, you won’t be getting a millionaire salary within two years of joining a company. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream and aim big.

Furthermore, you need to be smart and firm towards each goal you set for yourself. Don’t try to limit yourself, especially when the going gets rough and tough. You are to expect negative comments along the way. Someone out there isn’t going to like what you wrote or how you presented something. But it is your choice to turn it into an opportunity. So allow it affect you for a moment, but use it as an incentive to get better again and again. Always try your best not to accept setbacks personally. Accept rejections constructively, it can actually boost your self-esteem and confidence.

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Finally, Don’t try to underestimate yourself in any circumstances. You won’t know what’s possible and achievable until you give it a try. And if you fail at the end of trying, don’t take it personally and feel it will always be like this in future. Continue learning and being positive, never never give up. You can checkout my previous articles for more career and business tips

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